29/10/2018 20:00 GMT | Updated 01/11/2018 13:55 GMT

Liz Truss Sits On Sajid Javid's Knee During Budget Speech Squeeze

Carry On ... Up The Commons.

Liz Truss struggled to find a seat on the frontbench during the Budget today and ended up sitting on the Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s knee.

The chief secretary to the Treasury lost out at a game of musical chairs as Cabinet ministers took their places to listen to Philip Hammond.

There was much cheering and jeering as Truss was forced to abandon her attempt to squeeze into the frontbench and retreated to the aisle. 

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In the end Javid and other ministers moved up and made room for her to take a seat.

Lindsey Hoyle, the Deputy Commons Speaker told laughing MPs: “At least we know chivalry is not dead.”

In more japery, Chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget speech was littered with dad jokes, including one about toilets and helping councils to “relieve themselves” with a cash hand-out.