09/11/2017 21:11 GMT | Updated 10/11/2017 12:04 GMT

Britain's Public Services Are Living Their Best Life On 280-Character Twitter

From “NEE-NAW, NEE-NAW” to "WOKKA-WOKKA" and beyond.

Twitter’s decision to end its iconic 140-character limit for pretty much everyone went down like a bucket of cold sick. J.K. Rowling perhaps put it more elegantly than that.

That said, some have nailed it. None more so than actor Isiah Whitlock (aka The Wire’s corrupt Senator Clay Davis), who found the capacious 280-character cap was ideal for his character’s catchphrase.

For better or for worse, some are just going to run with it.

Step forward Britain’s public services, with the charge being led by London Ambulance Service. 

Writing “NEE-NAW, NEE-NAW” until the limit was reached appeared contagious.

Haringey Police joined the “NEE-NAW” chorus.

Of course, some are not going to see the funny side. 

Probably certain tabloid newspapers who think a tweet or two is a waste of  public money, but more immediately there appeared to be a minor scuffle on the twittersphere.

And still they came ...

... from Northern Ireland.

“NEE-NAW” soon morphed into “CHOO-CHOO, NEE-NAW ...

... the British Transport Police in East Anglia, here, playing with the format.

And the RNLI has its own nautical interpretation.

While the transport police in London gave a more honest appraisal of life on the beat.

Wait, what the National Crime Agency?

Oh, that’s good London Air Ambulance?

Some were (temporarily) excluded from the fun.

You too Swim Wales?

And it’s gone global.

Who knew this is how you spelled the ambulance sound in Spanish?