04/06/2017 13:02 BST

London Bridge Attack Prompts People To Share 'Things That Leave Britain Reeling'

'Compulsory team-building exercises.'

Terror hit the streets of London on Saturday night in an attack which left seven dead - but among the anger at the attackers and concern for the victims,  Britons are also laughing in the face of terror.

US media reports said that the capital was “reeling”, and though it’s fair to say Londoners were indeed in shock, the British response was instead to face the situation with defiance, togetherness, and yes, even humour.

People began to share things which they felt would truly strike fear into the heart of a Brit...

This nasty shock

This terrifying ordeal


Ugh please stop

This travesty


This abomination

The scourge of the capital

This horror

This ultimate nightmare

Harry Potter author JK Rowling, however, took the NYT to task for their choice of words:

Londoners have also shared extraordinary messages of defiance, using hashtags such as #LondonWillNotFall and #LondonBridgeIsNotFallingDown.

A wave of acts of kindness also swept through the city, including people opening their homes to offer shelter and taxi drivers offering lifts.

As well as the seven people killed, 48 were also injured, with Theresa May confirmed many of them suffering life-threatening injuries.