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These Are The Victims Of Fatal Knife Crime On London’s Streets In 2019 As Deaths Rise To 90

The total number of fatal stabbings is up on 2018. But who were the victims – and what can be done to stop the bloodshed in 2020?

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Forensics teams work at the scene of a non-fatal stabbing in Edmonton on March 31, 2019

Domestic violence, disrespect in British politics and even reality TV are among the complex factors behind the 90 fatal stabbings last year on London’s streets, a senior government adviser has said.

The 2019 tally is 14 up on last year, and comes six months after knife crime offences in England and Wales reached an all-time high.

HuffPost UK has documented all the people killed by blades on the capital’s streets since January 1, 2019, when Tudor Simonov was stabbed in west London died just hours into the new year.

Gary Trowsdale, lead adviser of the all party parliament commission into youth violence, told HuffPost UK: “The death toll in London this year amid the seemingly never ending escalation of extreme violence is clearly unacceptable to any society let alone one that prides itself on being one of the richest and most affluent cities in the world.”

For Trowsdale, who is also the founder of the Spirit of London awards, the cause of violent crime is complex and not just down to perceived inaction by politicians. Rather, the causes – and solutions – lie more close to home.

“To lay the blame at the door of any single politician or political party is short-sighted as much as it is inflammatory and futile,” he said.

“The inconvenient truth is that society itself has become much too tolerant of violence in many forms.

“I’m talking about the domestic violence going on behind closed doors, the violence in the competitive narrative of reality TV shows, and the overtly aggressive and disrespectful nature of politics.

“I’m also talking about the violence that he great statesman Mahatma Gandhi once called the worst violence of all: poverty.”

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An ambulance in central London.

The Home Office pointed to Boris Johnson’s promise of 20,000 more police officers over three years as a means to help bring down knife crime.

But a spokesperson would not be drawn when asked whether this meant the loss of more than 20,000 officers during the last 10 years had been a mistake.

“Every life lost to knife crime is a tragedy,” they said, ”and the government is working to protect the public from this dreadful crime.

“The government is delivering on the people’s priorities by putting 20,000 extra police officers on the streets and jailing violent criminals for longer. 

“Police will be given more power to stop and search those who have been convicted of knife crime and anyone caught carrying a knife will appear in court within days, not weeks.”

For its own part, the Met Police said it was working tirelessly to combat knife crime, but that the public could also play a huge role in helping both prevent and detect it.

“The police cannot solve this issue alone,” Scotland Yard said in a statement.

“Tackling violent crime requires sustained and effective partnership working, which includes communities.

“We continue to undertake work to help prevent violent crime, working alongside partners and stakeholders to engage with communities and provide diversionary activities to support young people.”

These are the 90 people stabbed to death on the streets of London in 2019.

January 1: Tudor Simionov

Bouncer Tudor Simionov died within hours of 2019 beginning – outside a New Year’s Eve party in Mayfair. The 33-year-old was set upon by gatecrashers at around 5.30am while working as a doorman at a £12.5m central London townhouse. Half an hour later, he died.

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Tudor Simionov and Madalina Anghel.

January 8: Jaden Moodie

Schoolboy Jaden Moodie, 14, was knocked off a moped in Leyton and stabbed in a “targeted attack”. He is believed to be the youngest knife crime victim to die in London in the past year. 

Jaden Moodie

January 29: Nedim Bilgin

At 6.49pm, officers responded to a report of an assault in Islington. The 17-year-old, described as “polite” teenager who was “minding his own business”, was found with multiple stab wounds and died shortly after.

PA Ready News UK
Nedim Bilgin

February 5: Lejean Richards

Police were called to Wolsey Court, Battersea, at 7.52pm to reports of a stabbing. Lejean Richards, 19, was found with stab wounds. The 19-year-old, who had plans to attend college, succumbed to his injuries. 

Met Police
Lejean Richards

February 10: Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson, 39, was stabbed at a 24-hour shop in East Dulwich following a reported row over cigarettes at around 2.30am. The victim, a devoted father, died at the scene.

Dennis Anderson

February 18: Bright Akinlele

Bright Akinlele died at The Wesley Hotel in Camden, after being stabbed on the street. He staggered into the building before collapsing in the lobby. 

The 22-year-old, described as an “honest, humble” man, was pronounced dead approximately 45 minutes later.

Met Police
Bright Akinlele

February 21: Glendon Spence

Police were called at 6.45pm to reports of a man stabbed at Marcus Lipton youth centre in Brixton. The 23-year-old aspiring mechanic, Glendon Spence, died within an hour of the attack.

Met Police
Glendon Spence

February 22: Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck

Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck, 19, was fatally stabbed in front of children at a hair salon in Wood Green at about 8.10pm. The teenager and father-of-one died the following day, leaving family members “devastated”.

Met Police
Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck

February 26: Che Morrison

Che Morrison, described as an “ambitious young man”, was attacked following an argument outside Ilford station just before 8.50pm. The 20-year-old was stabbed in the heart by a man who claimed to “run” the area – and died at the scene. 

Met Police
Ché Morrrison

March 1: Jodie Chesney

Jodie Chesney, 17, was stabbed in a park in Harold Hill at around 9.25pm. The active Scouts member, described as “one of our brightest and best” by chief scout Bear Grylls, died at the scene an hour later.

Met Police
Jodie Chesney

March 6: Mohammed Elmi 

The 37-year-old man was found with serious stab injuries in Soho on March 3, after being attacked in the doorway of the Coach and Horses pub.

The father-of-two was taken to hospital with critical injuries and was pronounced dead at 7.42pm on March 6.

March 6: David Martinez

Aspiring chef David Martinez, 26, was discovered with stab wounds in Leyton at about 5.10pm. Witnesses said the victim ran bare-footed “screaming” from a nearby residential address before collapsing in the street.

PA Ready News UK
David Martinez

March 7: Ayub Hassan

At 2.14pm, police discovered 17-year-old Ayub Hassan in West Kensington with knife injuries to the chest. The teenager, described as a “kind and handsome boy”, was taken to a central London hospital where he later died.

Met Police
Ayub Hassan

March 16: Nathaniel Armstrong

Nathaniel Armstrong was fatally stabbed in Fulham and died at the scene. The 29-year-old is the cousin of Good Morning Britain weatherman Alex Beresford; family paid tribute to him as a “bright young man”.

The Guardian
Nathaniel Armstrong

March 22: Abdirashid Mohamoud

The 17-year-old was discovered with knife wounds outside flats in Isleworth at about 10.35pm. A post-mortem examination revealed that Mohamoud, a “loving, caring boy”, died from his injuries.

Met Police
Abdirashid Mohamoud

March 24: Ravi Katharkamar

Shop worker Ravi Katharkamar was stabbed to death during a robbery at a newsagent’s in Pinner. The 54-year-old, whose wife described as “humorous and loving”, was attacked as he opened the shop and later died.

Met Police
Ravi Katharkamar

March 28: Zahir Visiter

Zahir Visiter was stabbed at a housing block near Regent’s Park, Westminister. He later died in hospital. The 25-year-old was an aspiring music producer and had just said goodbye to his girlfriend before leaving home.

Met Police
Zahir Visiter

March 29: Gavin Garraway

Gavin Garraway, 40, was knifed multiple times through his car window near Clapham Common Tube station in broad daylight. The “devoted” father-of-three died at the scene. 

Family photo
Gavin Garraway

April 1: Calvin Bungisa 

Police launched a murder investigation after a man was attacked in Kentish Town at about 8.30pm. The 22-year-old victim, Calvin Bungisa – a “good family man” – was pronounced dead at the scene.

Met Police
Calvin Bungisa 

April 8: Noore Bashir Salad

Noore Bashir Salad, 22, was discovered with stab and gunshot wounds in Newham. Despite the efforts of medics, he died at the scene; a post-mortem examination gave cause of death as a stab wound to the leg.

PA Wire/PA Images
Noore Bashir Salad

April 17: Steve Brown

Police were called to Stoke Newington, following reports of an incident, to discover 47-year-old Steve Brown suffering from a stab injury. The father-of-five died at the scene.

Family photograph
Steve Brown

April 23: Meshach Mitchell Williams

Meshach Mitchell Williams was fatally stabbed on Harlesden high street. He was attacked by a group of men before seeking help at a nearby betting shop at about 9pm. The 21-year-old died the following day. 

Met Police
Meshach Mitchell Williams

April 26: Joshua White

Joshua White, 29, was found with knife injuries in Homerton, at 2.43pm. He later died in hospital. A post-mortem established that he died of a stab wound to the heart. 

Met Police
Joshua White

May 1: Tashaûn Aird

Tashaûn Aird was attacked in Stoke Newington. The 15-year-old, who his family described as a “loving, caring” boy, was pronounced dead at 9.49pm.

Met Police
Tashaûn Aird

May 5: McCaulay Junior Urugbezi-Edwards

Police were called to Southwark at about 9.30pm following a knife attack on McCaulay Junior Urugbezi-Edwards. The 18-year-old, described as a “funny” man, died in a nearby hospital shortly after.

Met Police
 McCaulay Junior Urugbezi-Edwards

May 26: Alimuz Zaman

Police were called at about 4.30pm to a stabbing in Tower Hamlets. Alimuz Zaman was pronounced dead later that night in hospital. The 23-year-old,  a carer for his mother, was attacked as he went to buy food to break fast as he and his family observed Ramadan. 

Alimuz Zaman

May 28: Ismaila Ceesay

Following reports of a fight in Forest Gate on Warwick Road in the early hours of the morning, Ismaila Ceesay was taken to hospital. Despite medics’ efforts to save him, the 33-year-old, described as a “loving” man, died from a stab wound to the abdomen.

Ismaila Ceesay

June 14: Cheyon Evans

Cheyon Evans was stabbed to death in Wandsworth at 4.42pm – one of three violent fatalities to take place in London over this 24-hour period. The 18-year-old was due to begin a course just weeks after the attack took place.

Cheyon Evans

June 15: Gleb Stanislavovitch Zhebrovsky

Gleb Stanislavovitch Zhebrovsky was stabbed to death in Tower Hamlets in a field near a nursery and a mosque. The 34-year-old, originally from Russia, was pronounced dead at the scene.

June 16: Giedrius Juskauskas

Giedrius Juskauskas was found collapsed in West Ham Lane with multiple stab wounds. The 42-year-old Lithuanian national died at the scene as a result of the injuries sustained.

June 18: David Bello-Monerville

David Bello-Monerville was stabbed when during a fight that took place outside his home in Barnet. He died just over an hour later. Devastatingly, the 38-year-old, who friends described as a “good, straight up guy”, was the third of his siblings to be murdered in the capital over the course of 25 years.

David Bello-Monerville

June 26: Yusuf Mohamed

Yusuf Mohamed was attacked in Shepherd’s Bush while was taking cover inside a local convenience shop. The shop’s owner knew the 18-year-old and said he was “very quiet” and had a “good upbringing”. 

PA Ready News UK
Yusuf Mohamed

June 29: Faudi Mohamed 

Faudi Mohamed was found with stab wounds by police officers called to the junction of Ron Leighton Way and Wakefield Street in Newham. The 28-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

June 30: Amara Toure

Amara Toure was stabbed in Southwark in the early hours of the morning. The 18-year-old collapsed on the street and was taken to hospital by a passing driver, but later died as a result of his injuries.

Met Police
Amara Toure

July 3: Tesfa Campbell

Tesfa Campbell was found by police officers suffering from stab injuries in Battersea. The 40-year-old, who has been described as a “nice guy”, was taken to hospital, where he later died.

Met Police
Tesfa Campbell

July 10: Leo Marcus

Leo Marcus was found with multiple stab wounds in Woolwich. The 22-year-old, a “normal boy who loved riding his bike” according to family members, was taken to a local hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead shortly after.

Met Police
 Leo Marcus

July 11: Kye Manning

Kye Manning was stabbed in the heart and died at the scene – Brighton Road in Croydon – just before 10pm. His family described the 19-year-old as a “beautiful” person.

HuffPost UK
Kye Manning

July 26: Abudallahi Hassan

Police were called at midnight on July 25/26 to Hampstead, where Abudallahi Abdullahi was found with stab injuries. The “bubbly” 22-year-old was taken to hospital and later pronounced dead.

Met Police
Abudallahi Hassan

August 12: Alex Smith

Police attended Munster Square, near Regent’s Park, to find Alex Smith, 16, suffering from a stab wound. The teenager, who was a former footballer for Southampton youth club, died at the scene. 

Met Police
Alex Smith

August 15: Solomon Small

The “much loved” 18-year-old was found with a stab wound to his chest in Brixton. Though he received treatment, Solomon Small was pronounced dead at the scene 40 minutes later.

Solomon Small

August 26: Santino Angelo Dymiter 

Santino Angelo Dymiter, 18, was found by police officers with stab wounds in Newham. The “smiley” teenager was pronounced dead at the scene about an hour later.

Met Police
Santino Angelo Dymiter

August 26: Allan Isichei 

Allan Isichei was pronounced dead when emergency services arrived on St Mary’s Avenue South in Southall. According to witnesses, the 69-year-old building company director was attacked after leaving a pub.

Met Police
Allan Isichei

August 29: Lee Casey 

The 39-year-old father was stabbed when a fight broke out in an alleyway leading in Brixton at midday. Lee Casey was taken to a south London hospital but died shortly afterwards

Lee Casey

September 2: Norman Bertran-Tavarez

Norman Bertran-Tavarez was injured during a fight between two groups of men at Elephant and Castle Underground station on September 1. The 24-year-old died from his injuries in hospital the following day.

Norman Bertran-Tavarez

September 4: Michael Irving

Michael Irving was found by police and paramedics with stab injuries as they responded to reports of a fight in Stratford. The 15-year-old, whose pals described him as a “great friend”, was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Met Police
Michael Irving

September 5: Perry Jordan-Brammer 

Police were called to reports of a stabbing in Tottenham, on August 30.  Perry Jordan-Brammer was discovered with multiple stab wounds and taken to an east London hospital. The 15-year-old died less than a week later as a result of his injuries.

Perry Jordan Brammer

September 8: Sahkira Mercedes

Sahkira Mercedes was stabbed in Camden. The mother-of-one, 22, died at the scene; her friends said she was unfortunate to have been “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Shakira Mercedes

September: Josiph Beker 

The 17-year-old boy was stabbed in broad daylight before officers found him outside a KFC branch in Edgware Road. Josiph Beker was treated at the scene and taken to hospital but later died from his wounds. 

Met Police
Josiph Beker 

September 12: Assad Abdullah Yarow

Officers were called just after 11pm and found a man with a stab injury near Camden Tube station. Assad Abdullah Yarow was given first aid but pronounced dead at the scene.

Met Police
Assad Abdullah Yarow

September 13: Omar Smith

Police were called just before midnight to a fight in a chicken shop in Grove Park. Officers attended and found two men suffering from stab wounds and head injuries. Both were taken to hospital by the ambulance. Omar Smith, 34, died in hospital the following day.

September 14: Julio Gomes

Julio Gomes was attacked in Edmonton. The market worker, 29, died shortly after as a result of his stab injuries.

Met Police
Julio Gomez

September 23: Sufi Osman

Sufi Osman was found injured outside a shop in The Broadway, Southall. The “bright and popular” man, 22, was taken to hospital suffering from a stab injury where he died soon after.

Met Police
Sufi Osman

September 24: Tashan Daniel

British Transport Police officers were called to Hillingdon Tube station and discovered Tashan Daniel with a stab injury. The 20-year-old was declared dead at the scene. 

Family Photo

September 24: Osvaldo Carvalho

At around 6pm, police responded to reports of a fight nearby West Lodge Avenue, close to Ealing Common. Osvaldo Carvalho, 22, was discovered with stab wounds. He died at the scene.

HuffPost UK
Osvaldo Carvalho

October 10: Baptista Adjei 

The 15-year-old schoolboy was found bleeding near a McDonald’s restaurant, close to Stratford Shopping Centre. The police believe Baptista Adjei, a young footballer, was knifed on a bus or shortly after he got off it. He died at the scene.

Met Police
Baptista Adjei

October 10: Clinton Evbota

Police officers discovered Clinton Evbota with stab wounds in Camberwell, near his childhood home. The 18-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene in an hour later. 

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Clinton Evbota

October 13: Ben Lines

Police and paramedics responded to reports of a fight in Bexley and discovered Ben Lines had been stabbed. The 20-year-old, who had a “heart of gold”, was taken to an east London hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Met Police
Ben Lines

October 31: James Amadu

Police attended Blossom Lane, Enfield, following reports of a stabbing, but the victim was not there. Shortly after, 26-year-old James Amadu, a “doting father”, presented himself at a north London hospital suffering from stab wounds. He died the same day.

Met Police
James Amadu

November 7: Hakim Sillah 

Hakim Sillah was fatally stabbed during a knife awareness course he had been attending at Hillingdon Council civic centre in Uxbridge. The 18-year-old, whose relatives described him as “caring”, died a short while after in hospital.

PA Wire/PA Images
Hakim Sillah

November 19: Mohammed Mirza

Mohammed Mirza, 19, was stabbed to death during a brawl nearby a tower block in Ilford. The teenager was pronounced dead at the scene despite the efforts of paramedics. His final words were: “Tell mum I love her.”

PA Wire/PA Images
Mohammed Usman Mirza was fatally stabbed outside Owen Waters House, Ilford

November 24: Akeem Dylon Barnes

Police officers attended Ilford Lane, east London, to reports of a man with stab injuries after being informed of a fight that had taken place nearby. Akeem Dylon Barnes was discovered with knife wounds. The 24-year-old died later that day in hospital.

PA Wire/PA Images
Akeem Dylon Barnes, who was fatally stabbed in Ilford

November 24: Mehran Heydari

Mehran Heydari was discovered by police officers in a vehicle suffering from a stab wound outside West Ealing train station. The 26-year-old, a “good guy”, was pronounced dead at the scene.

PA Wire/PA Images
Mehran Heydar

December 5: Exauce Ngimboi

Exauce Ngimbi was fatally attacked near his mother’s home in Hackney. The 22-year-old “devout Christian” was the cousin of another London stabbing victim, Calvin Bungisa.

Exauce Ngimbi

December 6: Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Araimi

Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Araimi was found fatally wounded under a Christmas tree near Harrods in Knightsbridge. The 26-year-old Omani student was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Araimi

December 6: Crosslom Davis

Police and paramedics were called to Bronze Street, Greenwich, where they discovered Crosslom Davis with stab injuries. He died around half an hour later. The 20-year-old was a drill rapper known as Bis. 

Crosslom Davis

December 17: Albert Amofa

Albert Amofa was found with knife wounds in Croydon after being stabbed in the leg. The 33-year-old, who has been described as “hardworking family man”, died in hospital two days later.

Met Police
Albert Amofa

December 19: Michael Paul Baptista

Michael Paul Baptista, in his 20s, was pronounced dead in Bromley Road, Walthamstow, at about 7.15pm. The police say they are not treating his death as gang-related.

Met Police
Michael Paul Baptista

December 19: Arber Fesko 

Arber Fesko, aged 30 and originally from Albania, was found dead in the boot of a car near Scratchwood Park, Barnet. Police believe the knife attack that killed him was linked to the murder the next day of Shkelqim Paja, who was stabbed and found in undergrowth in Hogg Lane, Hertfordshire. 

December 21: Newham attack

A man, believed to be 29, was found by police responding to reports of a fight on Hanameel Street, Newham. He had sustained stab injuries and died at the scene.

December 23: John Kennett

John Kennett, 60, was found by police suffering from stab wounds outside a home in Woodcroft Road, Thornton Heath, at 9.30pm. He was pronounced dead less than 20 minutes later.

Met Police
John Kennett