12/07/2019 13:06 BST

London Police Officer Jailed For Raping Woman In Antigua

Lee Martin-Cramp was extradited to face court proceedings on the island.

Lee Martin-Cramp, seen here walking with a police officer in Antigua, has been jailed 

A former Metropolitan Police officer has been jailed for 15 years after he was convicted of raping a woman while on holiday in Antigua.

Police Constable Lee Martin-Cramp, 26, was thrown out of the force after he was found guilty of carrying out the attack on the Caribbean island in May 2015.

The Metropolitan Police said he used his job to dupe his victim into trusting him.

Martin-Cramp was convicted by a jury at Antigua’s High Court after being extradited to the island in what is reported to be a legal first.

The Met said the officer, who was attached to the Met’s Merton borough, was sentenced to 15 years in prison at the same court on Thursday.

According to The Sun, the victim was a devout Christian virgin, who met Martin-Cramp on the dating app Tinder. 

It reports that he put something in her wine which made her pass out, and when she later messaged him to say he had taken her virginity, he joked: “I can’t give it back, haha.”

Commander Catherine Roper, Professional Standards, said: “Former PC Martin-Cramp has been sentenced for an extremely serious offence.

“The evidence given during the trial included distressing details of how the victim trusted him because he was a police officer, and how he took advantage of that trust in the most deplorable way.

“The officer’s actions fell well below that of any decent person, but particularly a person whose job is to protect people and keep them safe.”

Martin-Cramp was first arrested over the rape in June 2016 by the Met’s Extradition Unit.

Antiguan authorities had lodged an extradition request which was heard at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and granted in June 2018.

In September last year, he was extradited to face court proceedings on the island.

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