London Trivia Quiz Stumped Zac Goldsmith - Do You Know More Than A London Mayoral Candidate?

Poor old Zac Goldsmith crashed and burned.

Tory mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith came unstuck when quizzed on London trivia on Tuesday - but how much better can you do?

Poor old Goldsmith was left rather nonplussed when Norman Smith asked him some questions about the city he hopes to represent.

The Richmond Park MP, who is hoping to succeed Boris Johnson as London Mayor on May 5, came unstuck when asked which team played its football at Loftus Road.

He also bombed when quizzed on which tube station comes after Tottenham Court Road when travelling east on the Central Line.

The answers are of course Queens Park Rangers and Holborn.

Sadiq Khan's performance on a similar quiz was rather more heartening, with his knowledge of EastEnders, football, museums and the Tube proving strong.

We've put together some of our own questions about London, so you can find out if your knowledge matches that of a mayoral candidate...

(Scroll down for the original questions asked by Norman Smith)

For the record, here are the original questions asked by the BBC's Norman Smith

Zac Goldsmith's Questions

Q) Which team play at Loftus Road?

A) Queens Park Rangers

Zac's Answer:

Q) Which tube stop on the Central Line comes next in this sequence: Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road?

A) Holborn

Zac's Answer:

Q) Who was the first landlord of the Queen Vic?

A) 'Dirty' Den Watts

Zac's Answer: 'Dirty' Den Watts

Q) Where is the London Museum

A) Barbican

Zac's Answer:

Sadiq Khan's Questions:

Q) What tube stop comes next on the Northern Line comes next in this sequence: Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square, Charing Cross?

A) Embankment

Sadiq's Answer: Embankment

Q) Who plays football at Selhurst Park

A) Crystal Palace

Sadiq's Answer: Crystal Palace

Q) Who was the first barmaid at the Queen Vic?

A) Angie Watts

Sadiq's Answer: Angie Watts

Q) Which is the oldest museum in London?

A) The British Museum.

Sadiq's Answer: The History Museum

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