London's Best Indoor Cycling Classes

No pain, no gain, right?

Everyone loves a leisurely cycle through the park on a sunny afternoon, but sitting on a fixed bike, in a dark room, while sweating your ass off is not to everyone's taste.

Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, we believe you don't know until you try: and once you try an indoor cycling class, you'll be so high on endorphins that you'll never look back.

Yes it's tough, but boy does it get results. Indoor cyclers can burn around 600 calories per class, depending on how hard you work and how long you're in the saddle - and who knows, if you're a super spinner, it could be even more.

Once you find the right class, the atmosphere is electric. Despite the sweat dripping down your face and deep burn in your thighs, you'll still find yourself pushing your body to its limit.

So without further ado, here is a list of our favourite classes in London.

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Ride Republic
Competitive? At Ride Republic, you may just meet your match.

Be prepared for the studio’s ‘Burn Board’, that highlights your name and ride performance throughout the session so there’s literally nowhere to hide. You can opt out, but with the instructor shouting at everyone to try and get ahead of the person above you, it sort of defeats the object of the class.

The Burn45 class is intense. You’ll find yourself slowly questioning why you’re there as you’re asked to reach high speeds above 100 RPM. And then above 130 RPM. And then 150 RPM (no joke).

But just when you think you’re about to collapse (about halfway through the class), you’re given an ice cold towel with eucalyptus oil on to dab your face before you get going again.

Also on your bike is a set of dumbbells for a short weights session near the end and a massage bar that you’re instructed to use on your legs and calves before you head off.

The changing rooms are equipped with free lockers, tampons, hairdryers and straighteners so if you’re heading out after, you’re all set.

Ride Republic

Location: Fulham, 709 Fulham Rd, London SW6 5UL
Price: Intro offer 3 rides for £30. £20 per ride, but cheaper if you buy in bulk.
At 1Rebel, London’s homegrown answer to Barry’s Bootcamp and Soul Cycle, you don’t spin, you ride.

Ride classes come in 30 or 45 minute sessions and are as gruelling as they are enjoyable, with music freshly mixed each week by 1Rebel DJs.

The gym’s themed “live rides” are definitely worth a try, if only to mix up the more typical indoor cycling tracks with a hint of nostalgia - past classes include a Justin Bieber vs Justin Timberlake special playing back-to-back Justin hits. Swoon.

No review of 1Rebel would be complete without a nod to their changing rooms, or should we say backstage dressing rooms. We know it’s about the exercise class, but a little luxury never hurt anyone… the comfy chairs dressing room mirrors, abundance of toiletries, spacious copper lockers and cold hand towels make it a home from home, or hotel from home. Free cycling shoes are available.


Location: 63 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8LE, United Kingdom
Price: £20 per ride, but cheaper if you buy in bulk. A Rebel Pass is their membership option, allowing riders to commit to varying numbers of classes on a monthly basis - as with the pay as you go option, the more classes you book, the cheaper they are.
If you’re serious about improving your cycling class fitness, CycleBeat will be right up your street.

The studio is best known for its "Beat Board" that is digitally connected to all bikes (it’s not as scary as it sounds). The board shows your average speed and calories burned so you can spin faster, if you’re so inclined.

To keep track of your cycling progression, you get sent an email with your ride performance at the end of the class, giving you that bit of motivation to beat your score next time you go.

If you’re worried about others seeing your scores, don’t fret. The board displays bike numbers rather than names so no one can keep tabs on how fast you’re going.

During the class, the instructor points riders to watch the average speed of everyone, encouraging you to work together to get the average number up. Teamwork at its finest.

The Beat classes are 35, 45, 60 or 70 minutes long.


Location: Near Bank, 8 Lombard Court, London EC3V 9BJ
Price: First 10 days for £20. £16 per class pay as you go, buying in bulk reduces the cost.
Good Vibes
Good Vibes
Good Vibes lives up to its name - the staff are exceptionally friendly and go out of their way to help newcomers. The gym offers cycle classes that are 35, 45 or 60 minutes long and upon arrival you'll be offered a towel at the front desk. Don't forget to bring a pound for the locker and leave plenty of time to pop to the loo before your session - there's only a couple and you may encounter a queue.

The 45-minute class consists of a warm-up, sprint sections, climb sections and a cool down. All bikes are fitted with a monitor which displays your RPM (rotations per minute) and the instructor will shout out a figure you should aim to reach in each section, whatever residence level you've chosen to set your bike to.

Expect chart hits throughout with the occasional R&B classic like R Kelly's 'Ignition' thrown in to get you through those tough hills.

The instructor will encourage you to push yourself to your limit, but will also continue to remind you that this is "your workout", making it a great, low-pressure class for novices.

The gym's changing rooms are stocked with everything you could possibly need, from shampoo and conditioner to hair straighteners.


Location: 11 Tottenham Street London W1T 2AG
Price: Single class £16, 12 class pass £150, 24 class pass £250.
A cycling-only hotspot, Psycle has two studios so the timetable is packed with plenty of classes.

Offering 45, 60 and 90 minute classes (yes, 90!) the soundtrack is handpicked by instructors and caters to different music tastes from garage to disco. Themed rides are also a must, previous ones including everything from Nicki Minaj to The Klaxons.

Each class offers a full-body workout, with hand weights to work on the upper body. The lighting offers a club-like vibe that immerses riders in the workout, making it difficult not to give 110%, and has the added bonus of hiding your sweaty red face.

A stone’s throw from Oxford Circus or deep in Canary Wharf, the studios is well located. Bright and airy reception areas and well-stocked changing rooms make it well stocked. You have to wear the free cycling shoes, so don't bother bringing trainers.


Location: 76 Mortimer St, London W1W 7SD and Crossrail Pl, London E14 5LQ.
Price: Intro offer 2 rides for £20. £20 per ride, but cheaper if you buy in bulk.
Pure Ride
If you’re the type who curses spin instructors under your breath, then you should head to Pure Ride.

Offering its own spin (excuse the pun) on traditional indoor cycling, the dance class is guaranteed to keep your butt on that bike.

Instructors lead the class through a simple dance routine (while still on the bike), encouraging riders to freestyle and sing along to the chart-topping music. Fun, silly, and borderline cringe, you’ll leave the session sweaty, but with a smile on your face.

If dancing isn’t for you, Pure Ride also offers classes such as "performance" (HIIT) and "colour" (using different colour zones for abilities).

No need to bring a towel for that sweaty brow, they are provided, as are dumbbells for the session.

The studio is spacious and modern. Riders get free spin shoes and the changing rooms are fully equipped with free lockers, hairdryers, straighteners, hairspray and deodorant.

The sessions are designed by Sir Chris Hoy, so don’t worry you’re in safe hands.

Pure Ride
Location: Moorgate, Moor Place (via Moor Lane) Avenue, 1 Fore St, London EC2Y 5EJ
Price: £20 per ride, first two cycles are free. Buying in bulk reduces price.
Boom Cycle
Boom Cycle

Boom Cycle is a more intimate that your average spin class - the room is smaller and they use candles rather than strobe lighting.

But don't be fooled, that doesn't mean the class is a walk in the park - far from it.

The class is cycling meets HIIT, working you from top to toe. This year, new moves have been added to work your core and upper body.

Boom Cycle has an ‘obsession’ with music, which they see as crucial to keeping the class motivated and coming back for more. Each instructor brings their own playlist, so make note of whose music you like and stick with them.

Look out for themed rides including Justin Bieber Vs Craig David head-to-head, Ibiza vibes and garage nights to name just a few.

You get free spin shoes, lockers and towels. Showers are well-equipped with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, as well as hair dryers and straighteners.
Well-stocked showers, towels and hair straighteners make it an easy place to workout before work.

Boom Cycle

Location: 16 Procter St, London, WC1V 6NX OR 2-8 Scrutton St, London EC2A 4RT
Price: Intro offer 3 rides for £25. £16 per ride, but cheaper if you buy in bulk. £105 monthly price for unlimited rides.

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