12/06/2017 17:00 BST

'Love Island': Camilla Thurlow Clashes With Chris Hughes After He Makes 'Disrespectful' Admission About Chloe Crowhurst

What will Chloe say when she hears this bombshell?

‘Love Island’ contestants Camilla Thurlow and Chris Hughes have come to blows, after she called him out for being disrespectful to Chole Crowhurst.

The latest instalment of the ITV2 reality series sees Chris admit to many of his fellow Islanders that he doesn’t actually fancy Chloe, who he partnered up with in the last recoupling.

However, it seems there is one person he seems to have forgotten to tell - Chloe herself.

Camilla has called out Chris for 'disrespecting' Chloe

Chris is seen flirting with new girls Gabby Allen and Tyne-Lexy Clarson, with Camilla less than impressed to hear what he has been saying to them about her friend.

After Camilla suggests she had heard Chris and Chloe getting amorous in the night, he retorts: “Me? I was asleep, I put a cap over my face. I was just chilling. She (Chloe) took the cap off, she grabbed my face like this, she yanked me, and I was like ‘what are you doing?”

Irked by Chris’ lack of respect for Chloe, Camilla fires back: “Don’t say it like that, that’s really horrible.”

Chris remains insistent that Chloe had initiated any intimacy between them, saying: “She’s all over me isn’t she?”

After Camilla disagrees with his assessment of the situation, Chris claims he has seen her giving him “evils”. 

“I don’t like the way you’re talking about her,” she tells him. “I would say that is disrespectful. You’re trying to make it look like it’s really one sided and I would suggest that it’s not.”

Chris has said he doesn't actually fancy Chloe

Camilla then seeks out Chloe, and expresses her concerns about Chris, alongside Montana Brown. 

“I don’t like the way he speaks about you. And sometimes I really don’t like the way he talks to you,” Camilla explains.  

Montana continues: “Basically insinuating it was one sided. And we were both like ‘no it’s not.’ I have my apprehensions about him. At first I didn’t see it, I had full faith that he was a nice guy. And now every single day I feel like he thinks everyone fancies him. I want him to be a good guy for you if that makes sense.”

Camilla and Montana give Chloe a heads-up on Chris

Chloe is left reeling by the pair’s comments, and later reveals fresh doubts about her partner in the Beach Hut. 

“Chris is definitely playing a little bit of a game. At first I thought he was really genuine but I’m really having my suspicions,” she says. “He’s not the love of my life, he’s just someone that I had a better connection with than Harley.

“It’s quite hard for me at the moment because I don’t feel like Chris is a genuine person like he made out to be. Where I kind of kept Chris on his toes, he’s trying to do the same to me. I feel like he feels like he’s got the power.”

Chloe later heads to the garden to confront Chris, but will she like what he has to say?

Find out on tonight’s (12 June) ‘Love Island’, airing at 9pm on ITV2. 

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