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'Love Island': 34 Secrets From Inside 2017's Brand New Villa

We took a snoop around the show's fancy new gaff in Mallorca.


1. There is a brand new ‘Love Island’ villa this year, after the show moved from its previous home of the last two series. 

2. The new abode is located in the hills of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar in Mallorca, which is about an hour and 15 minutes from Palma airport. 

3. The villa is privately owned, with ITV renting it for the duration of the show. 

The brand new 'Love Island' villa is stunning

4. Bosses have made many structural changes and completely revamped the villa to how it usually appears. 

5. However, they must return it to its original state and hand it back to the owners at the end of each series.

6. Work started on transforming the place at the beginning of May, with builders working at break-neck speed to get it ready for the launch. 

7. The footprint of the villa is around the same as the previous one, but the outdoor space feels much bigger as the pool is smaller this year. 

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The infinity pool is the star of the garden

8. Bosses are hoping for more pool action this time around, as the contestants barely used the previous one as it was too big to heat properly. 

9. There are 72 cameras dotted around the villa and the garden that will watch the contestants’ every move. And we mean every move. 

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There are 72 bad boys scattered around the villa

10. However, they are not filmed in the toilets, with only a health and safety camera against the door to ensure there’s no emergencies in there. 

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11. There are microphones in the shower and the toilets though, to ensure every conversation is picked up and the residents can’t have any totally-private moments. 

12. The garden has many of the same features as the last one, including the firepit area for the recouplings, the outdoor kitchen, and the smoking area, which is always where the best bitching happens.

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Can we just move in please?

13. The kitchen is constantly restocked, ensuring the contestants never go hungry. 

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The outdoor kitchen is always fully stocked

14. There are some new additions to the outdoor space too, including a cocktail bar, which Caroline teased could see a some famous bartenders sent in to work at. 

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Caroline at the new cocktail bar

15. Outdoor beds also feature and have a fantastic view over the hills. Just look at how comfy they seem. 

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The outdoor beds are pretty special

16. There’s also an outdoor shower, some sunloungers, and a separate hot tub. 

17. Of course, there is also an outdoor gym so the lads and lasses can keep in shape too. 

18. The grass is all fake, as are most of the plants in the garden, presumably because the contestants would forget to water them. 

19. The bedroom is on the ground floor, just off the garden, and let us tell you, the beds are VERY close together. 

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20. There are loads of words and slogans written all over the walls. This was our favourite: 

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We don't think the contestants need to be told this somehow

21. There are bowls of ‘Love Island’ condoms doted around the villa too. Host Caroline Flack says: “We like to provide safety for all our Islanders and promote safe sex. We should sell them, they would do really well!”

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'Love Island' branded condoms

22. There is a separate dressing room with hairdryers, straighteners and make-up stations for the contestants to primp and preen themselves before a hot date.

23. It also has a private balcony where they are also allowed to smoke. 

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The view from the dressing room balcony

24. The front of the villa features a huge pane of glass, running from floor to ceiling of the building, with bosses admitting it is one of the things that first attracted them to the property. 

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Caroline welcomes us to her new gaff

25. The contestants are required to keep the villa tidy during their stay to ensure it looks nice on camera, but cleaners do go in as well. 

26. The Hideaway is tucked down the other end of the villa, and is completely gaudy and fabulous.

'Love Island': Check Out The All-New Villa

27. It has its own private terrace away from the rest of the outdoor space, which will be perfect for some secluded dates they will be able to win. 

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The Hideaway terrace

28. From the terrace, there is also additional access to the Beach Hut, just in case a contestant needs to have a chat before or after those intimate moments. 

29. The Beach Hut looks exactly the same as the one in the old villa, giving viewers a sense of familiarity. 

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The Beach Hut makes a return

30. Here’s what it the contestants see when they are sat in the chair: 

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31. A small amount of the crew work on site at the villa, as you can see below: 

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32. However, most of the production crew are actually based at a industrial site, which is a 15 minute drive away from the villa. 

33. There are multiple portacabins where the team work to furiously edit the footage together ready for the next night’s show. 

34. There is also on-site catering, but the canteen is a far cry from the glamour of the villa. 

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The 'Love Island' crew canteen

‘Love Island’ launches on Monday 5 June at 9pm on ITV2. 

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