30/07/2018 23:03 BST | Updated 30/07/2018 23:24 BST

28 Tweets That Superbly Summed Up The 'Love Island' Final

So. many. emotions.

1. There was nostalgia about many of the series’ classic moments

2. And some of the, umm... lowlights

3. Our hearts swelled with pride when they got all dressed up for the Summer Ball

4. There was infuriation in households across the nation as people talked over the show as it was on

5. And there was full on anxiety that the result might not go the right way

6. After all, stranger things have happened

7. Although, a show twist would have really mixed things up

8. Nobody wanted to endure that cringeworthy ‘X Factor’ advert shoehorned into the commercial break

9. Of course, there was some shameless product placement

10. And Danny Dyer and Jo Mas being iconic, again

11. Tears flowed during Jack’s speech to Dani

12. Like a river

13. The declarations made us think a lot about the state of our own love lives

14. Although there was some cynicism about the contestants’ words

15. Caroline Flack sparked another ‘The Dress’ 

16. The ‘jump in the pool’ moment was not a patch on this classic 2017 highlight

17. There were people still banging on about how much they hate ‘Love Island’, despite having watched every minute of the last eight weeks

18. Meanwhile, a lot of people realised they’d got Megan and Wes wrong this whole time

19. There was shock as Laura Anderson landed in the top two, given she has only been with Paul Knops for a few weeks

20. But given all she has been through in the villa, there was a feeling she definitely deserved it 

21. Jack and Dani’s best bits served up all the emotions

22. But that was nothing compared to the moment where they were crowned WINNERS!

23. The less said about the money twist the better, though

24. We then began grieving for the end of the series

25. ... And for the last two months of our lives that just seem to have disappeared

26. Temptation to apply for next year’s series has already set in

27. Although some people are already rethinking that option

28. It’s totally OK to start an official countdown to it returning to our screens, right?