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'Love Island': 42 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Inside The Villa

HuffPost UK snooped around the show's luxury home in Mallorca.

1. The ‘Love Island’ is located in the hills of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar in Mallorca, which is about an hour and 15 minutes from Palma airport. 

2. The villa is privately owned by a German millionaire, with ITV renting it for the duration of the show. 

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3. Bosses make many structural changes and completely revamp the villa to create the one we see on-screen.

4. However, they must return it to its original state before handing it back to the owners at the end of each series.

5. The pool is the only part of the garden that remains after the series is finished. 

6. Features including the decking, outdoor kitchen, pergola, sunbeds and the perimeter walls are all stripped out and are either kept in storage in between series or completely rebuilt. 

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7. It takes about eight weeks to transform the Spanish farmhouse into the ‘Love Island’ villa we know and love, although we’re told it takes around half the time to strip everything out. 

8. The back wall of the bedroom is actually false, and behind it is the villa’s real kitchen, which viewers and the Islanders never see. 

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9. Producers then build an outside kitchen to encourage the Islanders to spend more time outside. 

10. The kitchen is constantly restocked with snacks and drinks, ensuring the contestants never go hungry or thirsty. 

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11. They don’t actually cook much in it though, as lunch and dinner are provided for the Islanders by on-site caterers, who have a station outside the driveway into the villa. 

12. The driveway is also home to the gallery, some production offices and a dressing room for host Caroline Flack. 

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13. It is also from one of these portacabins that one of the on-duty producers send the texts to the Islanders’ phones.

14. The phones only allow the Islanders to receive these messages, text one another and take pictures, and are connected via an Intranet system. 

15. There’s also another production village about a 15-minute drive away where the rest of the show’s 200-strong crew work. 

16. The front of the villa will also play host to the new smoking area, as Islanders will not be allowed to smoke in the garden this year. Instead they have to smoke separately and one-by-one.

17. They will still be filmed in case a vital piece of action happens, but they will not have any interaction with the other Islanders while there. 

18. Bosses made this decision after 50 percent of the complaints about about the show in 2017 related to how much the contestants smoked.

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19. The front of the villa features a huge pane of glass, running from floor to ceiling of the building, with bosses admitting it is one of the things that first attracted them to the property. 

20. The show relocated to the current villa in 2017, after the previous one’s pool was too big to heat properly, meaning the contestants never used it. 

21. There are 72 cameras dotted around the villa and the garden that will watch the contestants’ every move. And we mean every move. 

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22. However, they are not filmed in the toilets, with only a health and safety camera against the door to ensure there’s no emergencies in there. 

23. There are microphones in the shower and the toilets though, to ensure every conversation is picked up and the residents can’t have any totally-private moments. 

24. The bathroom is fully stocked with a plethora of beauty products, shower gels and the like from Superdrug, who are the show’s sponsor. 

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25. There are also bowls of ‘Love Island’-branded condoms dotted around and producers told us they put 200 into the villa each series.  

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26. The dressing room is kitted out with hairdryers, straighteners and make-up stations for the contestants to primp and preen themselves before a hot date.

27. This year, the contestants will have access to clothing from Misguided as part of a product placement deal, but they don’t have to wear anything if they don’t want to and will still be bringing their own clothes in. 

28. There is an outdoor gym so the lads and lasses can keep in shape, but it only features weights and a bench.  

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29. All of the grass in the garden is fake, as are the plants, presumably because the contestants would forget to water them. 

30. Bosses have continued to use astro turf around the inside of the villa on various feature walls to help bring the “outside in”. 

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31. There’s also been loads more words written on the walls and fixtures, including some of last year’s catchphrases, but this was our favourite - primarily because we have never heard anyone on ‘Love Island’ say “Yass, queen”. 

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32. The contestants are required to keep the villa tidy during their stay to ensure it looks nice on camera, but cleaners do go in once a week as well. 

33. The Hideaway is tucked down the other end of the villa next to the living room, and has had a gaudy makeover.

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34. From the Hideaway terrace, there is also additional access to the Beach Hut, just in case a contestant needs to have a chat before or after those intimate moments. 

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35. The Islanders will go through a secret door and climb up an external wooden staircase, not seen on-screen, and enter the Beach Hut through a door on the upstairs of the exterior. 

36. The Beach Hut looks exactly the same as it has since series one, giving viewers a sense of familiarity. 

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37. Here’s what the contestants see when they are sat in the chair: 

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38. There is also an unused bedroom and bathroom next to the Beach Hut which will be used to store kit in. 

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HuffPost UK

39. There is a medic on call on site all the times in case of emergencies.

40. Contrary to reports, there’s actually no set limit on the amount of alcohol contestants are allowed to consume with producers judging it “on a case-by-case basis”. “We’re really careful they don’t have too much to drink. We’re responsible about it,” they said. 

41. When Caroline enters the villa with a ‘Flack Attack’, this can often be at about 1am as that is when the Islanders will be least expecting it. 

42. The casting team met over 1000 people in search for this year’s contestants, after a record 150,000 applied to be on the show. 

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