04/06/2018 08:48 BST

'Love Island': Samira Mighty 'Happy' To Bring Diversity To This Year's Show

'I'm happy I'm here... to represent.'

‘Love Island’ newbie Samira Mighty has said she’s proud to be bringing more diversity to the show.

Samira is one of 11 newcomers to the villa, who will be seen meeting for the first time in Monday night’s launch show, and told Metro she was “super happy” the show is more diverse this year, highlighting the importance of visibility.

Samira Mighty

The West End star explained: “Viewers will feel [like the show is] more relatable, they’ll be like “I could do that next year now I know they’re putting more diverse people in the show.

“I told my sister, she was like, ‘this is great, there’s actually a black girl on the show’… I think people will actually appreciate it, the viewers. Diversity is great in any case, so I think I’m happy I’m here, if that makes sense, to represent.”

The 'Love Island' cast

Pointing out that she was yet to meet the rest of the cast, she added: “I don’t know what the other people are like, if they’re black, white or Indian so it’s gonna be interesting when I walk in. But I think it’s great that there’s diversity.”

In the past, former Islander Rachel Christie has criticised the show for the lack of diversity among its contestants, particularly when it comes to black women.

Rachel Christie from the first series of 'Love Island'

Speaking to Elle magazine for a piece entitled ‘Does Reality TV Have A Problem With Black Women?’, Rachel suggested: “They are more likely to put a dark-skinned man in the house than they are a dark-skinned woman.

“I was shocked to see a mixed race man in there when I first went in, but then that is their black. [For the producers of the show], mixed race is their black and that is enough.”

The fourth series of ‘Love Island’ begins tonight on ITV2. Get to know the contestants a little better here.

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