06/08/2018 10:30 BST

Love Island's Georgia Steel Apologises To Laura Anderson Over Jack Fowler Kiss

The reunion special threw out all kinds of surprises.

It may have taken her until the very last episode of the series, but former ‘Love Island’ contestant Georgia Steel has finally apologised to her friend Laura Anderson for kissing Jack Fowler in the villa.

In one of this year’s most memorable moments, Georgia kissed Jack after the two shared a date, despite the fact that he was partnered with Laura at the time.

What followed was a confusing round of “he said/she said”, with both of them insisting that it was the other who initiated the kiss, although VAR footage later revealed it was Georgia who pulled Jack in.

Georgia apologises during the reunion special

While Georgia later expressed her embarrassment over the incident, insisting she’d misremembered what actually went down, Sunday night’s reunion special finally saw her issue an apology to her pal.

Laura babe,” she began, after being forced to relive the clip again. “You know me, if I had remembered it that way I would have told you.

“I’m sorry, babe. I’m sorry. I love you, darling.”

Laura Anderson speaks to Caroline Flack

Meanwhile, Laura previously insisted that she’d never actually believed it was Jack who instigated the kiss, telling presenter Caroline Flack: “I did believe Jack straight away. But it was difficult because Georgia seemed so adamant. And yeah, that kind of swayed my decision with what to do with Jack.

“I mean she was my friend, and she was saying ‘why don’t you believe me why don’t you believe me’. But I did believe Jack straight away. Like heart on heart.”

She also joked: “It’s funny to watch - you’re literally like, ‘gimme that face’!”

Things ended well enough for Laura, though, who finished in second place in the live final last week, behind Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, who won the show by an absolute landslide.

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