29/07/2018 07:02 BST | Updated 29/07/2018 08:17 BST

15 Stages Of Emotion We Will All Feel As 'Love Island' Comes To An End

You can't even contemplate replacing it with 'Celebrity Big Brother' because you are so loyal, babes.

It hurts to even think about these words let alone write them, but this series of ‘Love Island’ comes to an end on tomorrow (Monday 30 July). 

Eight glorious weeks will come to a climax as either Dani and Jack, Wes and Megan, Alex and Alexandra, Josh and Kaz or Laura and Paul walk away as the winning couple and with the £50,000 prize. 

And while we don’t even want to think about the prospect of not having our nightly dose of Island action, it is something we are all going to have to face up to.

In order to prepare ourselves for that, we’ve outlined the 15 emotional stages we should all expect to go through over the coming days... 

1. You start by having a final party, thinking the whole series has been leading up to this one big moment

2. Then comes the shock that eight weeks of your life have disappeared in a heartbeat

3. And you start to get a bit nostalgic about all the lovely memories you have 

4. Then comes anger at the producers that they couldn’t have made the series last at least 10 weeks


5. Soon it turns to all out rage


6. To the point where you can no longer see straight

7. But then the sadness starts to creep in

8. And you wonder if you will ever feel happiness like it again


9. You feel betrayed by ITV, feeling they have well and truly mugged you off

10. You wish the rest of the world would disappear as they can never bring you what ‘Love Island’ has

11. So you decide to lock yourself away in your own little cocoon and think about happier times

12. But you soon get hungry, so there’s only one thing for it - to eat your feelings. And then some more feelings, with an extra side of feelings

13. Gradually life starts to return to normal, even though that might be slowly


14. And you feel optimistic at the fact a brand new series of ‘Love Island’ is only 10 months away

15. But when someone suggests watching ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ to fill the void, you can’t even contemplate it because you are...

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