26/07/2017 16:46 BST

Love Island's Malin Andersson Cuts Off Her Long Hair To Support Mum As She Battles Cancer For Third Time

'I just wanted to sit next to her and smile, and say look at my hair now!'

Love Island contestant Malin Andersson has undergone a major hair transformation in support of her mum who has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time. 

Andersson, who rose to fame on the 2016 edition of the reality TV show, cut her long hair into a pixie crop and donated the lengths to the Little Princess Trust - a UK-based charity that provides real hair wigs for children who’ve suffered from hair loss.  

The makeup artist took to Twitter on Tuesday 25 July to share her new look with her followers. 

“Done it ain’t I. Praying for you mum,” she wrote. 

Twitter / Malin Andersson

The 24-year-old also shared a picture of her hair once it had been prepped to be donated to the charity. 

Twitter / Malin Andersson

After social media users asked about her mum’s condition, Andersson posted an explanation:

Twitter / Malin Andersson

Only a few days previously Andersson had shared a picture of herself with long hair.  


Twitter / Malin Andersson

Andersson’s mum has had short hair for the past 12 months. It was beginning to grow back following her last round of treatment, but recently it has started to fall out again.

“I did it because I saw how sad she became when it fell out again,” Andersson told the HuffPost UK

“Now, she’s got stage 3 stomach cancer - which has spread to the lining of her stomach - so for me hair is nothing.

“I just wanted to sit next to her and smile, and say look at my hair now! It made her smile for sure, and knowing where the hair will go too.”

And social media users have posted kind compliments: