22 Golden 'Love Island' Moments That Perfectly Explain Why It's The Show Everyone Is Obsessed With

It's no surprise it is hammering 'Big Brother' in the ratings.

If you’re not one of the two million people currently glued to ‘Love Island’ every night, then firstly you need to have a word with yourself, and secondly, you need to get on board asap, as this series as already served up some moments of pure reality TV GOLD.

But not only that, the conversation on social media has been nothing short of hilarious too, with the contestants’ antics sparking more GIFs, memes and funny tweets than we can keep up with.

Hopefully, this will go some way as to explaining why it is the show everyone is obsessed with right now:

1. Olivia described finding someone attractive as falling into someone’s “dicksand”. We’ll let her explain:

2. A lot of people have noticed how Montana is always tucking into something whenever there is dramz

3. This is how Chris actually believed Jason Statham’s name was spelt:


4. This gaffe served up some pretty genius memes:

5. Someone in the villa actually got nicknamed ‘Muggy Mike’, after their behaviour was, umm, ‘muggy’


6. Again, Twitter’s response was 10/10:

7. In an unexpected turn of events, the ‘Love Island’ villa was host to a row about feminism between Camilla and Jonny (Yaasss Camilla, etc etc)

8. The boys have taken steps to prove that they are not all just carbon copies of one another

9. Although Dom did unveil some hidden, errrm, talents with this poem to Jess

10. Chris has the stupidest ways of deflecting any sort of serious conversation, but we kind of rate him for it

11. This is what Olivia said when she found herself drawn to one of the bad boys of the villa, despite being coupled up with lovely Sam:


12. And the sight of her getting a heel stuck in some wooden decking will never not be funny

13. Presenter Caroline Flack is like Paxman when she needs to get to the bottom of goss on the Island

14. Did you know Marcel was once a member of Blazin’ Squad? That’s because he really doesn’t like to talk about it. No, not at all

15. Seriously, don’t talk to him about it, ok?

16. He’s also just the most adorable man ever

17. We really wish someone hadn’t pointed this comparison out, as now it’s all we can see when we look at Kem:

18. At least it’s not as bad as what Mike said about him, though

19. One of the best bits is when the contestants are allowed outside the villa and have to interact with Spanish locals

20. We can’t believe we’ve made it this far without so much as mentioning Amber’s facial expressions


21. While you might think watching people have sex on TV would be sordid, but somehow the producers manage to make it pretty hilarious

22. And if this all isn’t enough to keep you entertained, you can always get really drunk by playing ‘Love Island’ Bingo

‘Love Island’ airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2.

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