17/05/2018 09:21 BST

Love Island's Parody In-Flight Safety Video Is Full Of Easter Eggs For Fans

'Conditions today are ideal for grafting.'

With a new series of ‘Love Island’ landing soon, bosses are upping the amount of promo around it, and their latest efforts are nothing short of genius. 

Following on from their party plane-inspired trailer, fans have now been treated to a special in-flight safety video, which features a load of hidden references to the show’s past. 

We’re warned to look out for ‘muggy conditions’ - something Muggy Mike probably knows a lot about


Borrowing from Chris and Kem’s rap, passengers are reminded to ‘little bit leave’ their possessions on board during an emergency exit 


One way of making an emergency exit it to ‘pie them off’ - much like Tyla did to Johnny last year


While on board, passengers can enjoy a read of an exclusive interview with Jason Staythumb - a reference to Chris’s epic spelling blunder


If passengers fancy an in-flight snack, they can munch on a pack of Cash Hughes (just don’t tell Chris)


Caroline Flack has also got some special landing cards for people to fill out to ensure they are 100% everyone’s type on paper


Bravo, everyone.

Watch the full trailer in the video above. ‘Love Island’ returns to ITV2 next month. 

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