14/07/2019 08:00 BST | Updated 29/07/2019 10:03 BST

Love Island: 16 Times Ovie Was The Contestant We Truly Didn't Deserve

Ovie has been a god-tier Islander.

So far, more than 30 Islanders have made their way into the Love Island villa this year, but none have made quite the impression that Ovie Soko has. 

He didn’t start out as being lucky in love, but during his time as a singleton, he quickly became one of the stand-out stars of the series...

1. After years of “I’ve got a text” ringing out through the villa, he’s brought a whole new catchphrase for when the Islanders get a message

2. He’s become a complete style icon – a Boohoo deal surely awaits?


3. Seeing which hat he’s wearing has become the part of every episode we most look forward to

4. Who’d have thought that anyone bar a park ranger could pull off this look?


5. This could not have been evidenced any better than during the Dirty Dancing task...

6. ...which coincidentally saw him whisper something to Belle that prompted this reaction

7. Speaking of reactions, his face after seeing Maura and Curtis necking on served up a GIF that we’ll be using for many years to come

8. And his reaction to Amber wanting to recouple with him helped lighten what is usually a tense and dramatic moment of the show

9. His brotherly support of Amber has also been adorable to watch

10. We can’t be the only ones wishing they’d just get together properly

11. His absolute chill at every situation is something a lot of the other Islanders could learn from


12. Likewise, his ability to find joy, even when he’s by himself

13. He even entertains us when doing something as mundane as boiling a kettle

14. Let’s all take a brief moment to appreciate this scene

15. As much as we’re here for the Curtis and Tommy bromance, it was Ovie’s despair at George’s exit that really touched our hearts

16. He’s also steered clear of pretty much all the drama, which is quite an achievement

Here’s to making him the first ever solo winner of Love Island, tbh

Love Island airs Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2. 

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