14/06/2017 07:41 BST

'Love Island': Two Couples Have Sex In First X-Rated Moments Of The Series

NSFW, obviously.

It wasn’t just those explosive rows that made Tuesday’s (13 June) ‘Love Island’ the most action-packed episode of the series, with not one but two couples sealing the deal.

In the communal bedroom, it was Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay who were the first to seal the deal, disappearing under the covers together while the rest of the group slept.

Kem and Amber were the first of this year's pairs to go all the way

Meanwhile, Jessica Shears and Dom Lever also took their relationship to the next level, during a private moment in the Hideaway.

Their intimate moment came after he delivered a special poem for her in honour of her birthday, which she declared would “make any girls’ knickers drop”.

For any poetry-loving readers, here’s just an excerpt of Dom’s “knickers-dropping” effort (via The Sun):

So then this girl comes down the stairs

And my first thought is, ‘what a nightmare’ [...]

Time goes on and there’s people I miss

And this girl’s taking liberties making me wait for a kiss

So here’s a toast to a good old sesh

And not to mention that birthday girl Jess

He said in the Beach Hut: “Not only do we get alone time, we get alone time in a bed. And it’s not just our bed. It’s the hideaway bed. What happens in the hideaway stays in the hideaway.”


The course to romance didn’t exactly run smoothly for Dom and Jessica, as he’d been coupled with Montana Brown earlier in the series, who was less than impressed when he wound up getting together with Jess.

That said, the same is true for Kem and Amber, as just days after they were first partnered together earlier in the series, she admitted that she felt like he was rushing things, confessing she wasn’t sure they were right for each other.

She’s clearly had a change of heart since then, though…

See all the aftermath from last night’s under-the-covers action in Wednesday’s (14 June) ‘Love Island’, which kicks off at 9pm on ITV2.

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