19/07/2021 09:03 BST

Sherif Lanre Accuses Love Island Of 'Double Standards' As Danny Remains In Villa

Shortly after Danny's arrival last week, viewers discovered an old Instagram post in which he used the N-word.

Former Love Island star Sherif Lanre has accused the show of “double standards” after current contestant Danny Bibby was allowed to remain in the villa despite controversy over his past use of the N-word on social media.

Sherif took part in the ITV2 reality show back in 2019, leaving the villa via the back door due to what a spokesperson said at the time was a rule-break.

While his exit was initially shrouded in mystery, it was later revealed he and TV  bosses had “mutually agreed” that he should leave after he accidentally kicked a female Islander in the groin, and jokingly referred to the incident as a “c***-punt”. 

Sherif Lanre took part in Love Island two years ago

Last week, newcomer Danny arrived in the villa, with fans of the show quickly discovering an Instagram comment from 2019 in which he referred to a white friend as “my n***a”.

After apologising for using the slur, Danny was allowed to remain in the Love Island villa, which Sherif has claimed is evidence of ITV’s “complete double standards when it comes to racism”.

“They don’t seem to care,” Sherif told The Sun. “A white guy has been allowed to apologise from inside the villa for using the N word and carry on filming, whereas I was removed for play fighting and doing something by accident.

“The N-word shouldn’t be used and this contestant should be removed from the house like I was, especially after the England football team were racially abused... ITV need to set an example.”

Danny Bibby

HuffPost UK has contacted ITV for comment.

On Friday evening, Danny issued a statement from the villa, which read: “I’d like to take the time to apologise to anyone that may have taken offence to my inappropriate remark. I never meant anything malicious by this comment at all. I am not a racist person and it’s unacceptable language and ignorant.

“I meant no offence and feel like I have really learnt from my mistakes and will never use that word again.”

Insisting he is “a kind, loving person”, he adding: “Hopefully you get to see that in the show.”

Sherif also repeated a previous allegation that he’d heard an undisclosed contestant on his series use the N-word while rapping in the villa.

Sherif was one of the original Islanders during the show's 2019 run

ITV responded: “​​We monitor the islanders 24/7 and we have no recording of the use of this alleged language.

“At no point did anyone use that language in rap lyrics or any other time. We do have clear rules on the use of language in the villa.”

After arriving in the villa last week, Danny initially dated Sharon Gaffka and Kaz Kamwi, and is now coupled up with Lucinda Strafford.

Love Island continues on Monday night at 9pm on ITV2.