21/05/2018 15:58 BST | Updated 21/05/2018 15:59 BST

'Love Island': The Couples Who Are Still Together After Finding Love On The Show

This lot put their eggs in a basket and kept them there.

The cynics out there may believe people really go on ‘Love Island’ to find fame rather than a relationship, but if the last three series have proved anything it’s that true love can be found under the bright lights of the Majorcan villa. 

While some couples have admittedly hit the skids following their time on the ITV2 reality show, there are those who are still going strong - yes, even some from the very first series. 

With the fourth run coming to our screens in a matter of weeks, here’s a reminder of all the couples who made it work after the sun set on their time on the Island...

Camilla Thurlow & Jamie Jewitt (Series 3)


The path of true love really did not run smoothly for Camilla during the 2017 series. Having been messed around by Johnny Mitchell and having to fend off the advances of Creepy Craig, the bomb disposal expert finally found the one when hunky male model Jamie rocked up on the Island. 

After a series of cute dates and gentle flirtation, the couple surprised everyone when they got intimate in the villa, but they remained realistic about their chances of being able to continue their relationship on the outside world, and refused to put a label on it. 

However, nearly a year since they coupled up, the pair are still going strong. They have also used their newfound fame as a couple for good, visiting a refugee camp together, and supporting various other causes. 

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They regularly post updates together on social media, and by judging by how loved up they look in them, we’re guessing Camilla has finally started calling Jamie her boyfriend. 

Luis Morrison & Cally Jane Beech (Series 1)


Luis and Cally had a head start over the other couples in series one, as they actually knew each other from life before the Island. Once there, they quickly coupled up and finished fourth during the live final. 

Once the show was over, their relationship continued to blossom and in May 2017, Cally gave birth to the first ever ‘Love Island’ baby - a little girl called Vienna. 

However, just two months later the couple were rocked by claims Luis had cheated on Cally and she called things off between them, preparing for life as a single mum. 

But cut to six months later and the pair were back together, with Cally confirming they were putting “a really tough year” behind them. 

Cara De La Hoyde & Nathan Massey (Series 2)


Having coupled up on the first day of series two, Cara and Nathan not only won each other’s hearts, but also the hearts of the nation, as they went on to win the show together. 

Their romance continued after the series finished, but after a year of dating, they announced they had split. 

Then, just a few weeks later, the pair revealed they were actually expecting a baby together. While they stated they would not be recoupling, they insisted they would remain good friends for the sake of their unborn child. 

However, by the time their son, Freddie, was born in December 2017, Cara and Nathan were already back together, and they have been playing happy families ever since. 

Jessica Shears & Dom Lever (Series 3)


If you’d have asked any ‘Love Island’ fan if they still expected Jess and Dom to still be together after a year, every last one of them would probably have laughed in your face. 

Yes, we may have all mocked them for getting engaged after only three months, their cringey sponsored posts on social media, and their matching ‘Love Island’ tattoos, but they’ve proven us all wrong by going the distance. 

The pair are currently planning their wedding (the one they staged on ‘Good Morning Britain’ wasn’t real, folks) after Dom got down on one knee last autumn. 

Last time we heard, they were hoping to tie the knot on the Greek island of Mykonos this summer in an intimate ceremony. Although, when we say intimate, it will still probably include enough people in order to secure an OK! magazine deal.  

Alex Bowen & Olivia Buckland (Series 2)


Unlike their fellow series two contestants Cara and Nathan, Olivia and Alex did not immediately couple up on ‘Love Island’ - who could forget his dalliance with Zara Holland that cost her the title of Miss Great Britain?

But after eventually falling for one another, they went on to finish runners-up and have been together ever since. 

The pair announced their engagement in December 2016 - less than six months after meeting on the show. 

However, they haven’t rushed into marriage, and nearly 18 months later, they are still planning their nuptials, with the ceremony due to take place in September. 

We’re also holding out hope for...

Chris Hughes & Olivia Attwood (Series 3)


Yes they argued all the time, and yes their relationship had more ups and downs than we can literally count, but there was just something about Chris and Olivia’s relationship that just had us all rooting for them. 

Despite them giving things a good crack, they called it quits for good back in March, with Olivia reuniting with her ex-boyfriend, footballer Bradley Dack, and Chris rumoured to be dating former ‘Coronation Street’ star Georgia May Foote. 

While they’ve evidently both moved on (or moved back, in Olivia’s case), we sense there’s still a lot of unfinished business between them, and we’d just love it if they got back together - even if just for Cash Hughes’s sake. 

Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen (Series 3)


Our hearts actually broke when series three’s supposed good guy and former Blazin’ Squad member (dunno if he ever mentioned that?) was revealed to have cheated on Gabby.

While we still feel totally let down by Dr Marcel, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few more twists to come in their love story...