'Our Girl' Review: Luke Pasqualino Rivals Aidan Turner In The Glam Stakes In Episode 2

Michelle Keegan has taken over from Lacey Turner in the series.

Michelle Keegan may be a very glamorous face in an exotic location in this second series of ‘Our Girl’, but there was no mistaking her grit as her storyline took a tumultuous turn in this second episode of the army medic drama.

Whether she was sticking her chin in the face of her kidnappers or desperately burying her military dog-tags to avoid detection, the former soap star gave it her all as hostage Georgie Lane, no doubt fuelling her writer’s hopes further that she’ll stay on for another series.

<strong>An impressive performance from Michelle Keegan as the kidnapped Georgie Lane</strong>
An impressive performance from Michelle Keegan as the kidnapped Georgie Lane

Of course, it wasn’t all this heavy. Luke Pasqualino’s entrance as Elvis - windswept, sunglassed, Bond-esque - signalled an interesting diversion to the military goings-on.

As a Special Forces commando only latterly discovering that the subject of his rescue brief and the fiancee he abandoned at the alter were one and the same person, his brow could not have furrowed any deeper, signaling… complications ahead.

<strong>Luke Pasqualino, at your service</strong>
Luke Pasqualino, at your service

Sure enough, it didn’t take his (unexplained) outdoor shower to prove that his attraction to Georgie would be possibly undimmed when he turned up to rescue her, in the desert, especially with his other mission, that of mending his jilted fiancee’s heart.

Poor Doctor Jamie Cole (Royce Pierreson), left back in boring Blighty, just saving lives in standard hospital fashion. No khakis for him, no tents and hot summer nights and, possibly most fatefully of all, no rescue mission - how could he possibly compete?


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Our Girl Series 2

Our Girl Series 2

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