Lush Staff's Response To Mocking Tweet Is A Lesson In Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously


The level of enthusiasm with which Lush’s staff meet-and-greet customers is either going to make your day or make you shudder with social awkwardness.

One Twitter user who was overwhelmed by the warm welcome, found the perfect video to sum up his experience of Lush customer service - a clip 1980s children’s TV show ‘Emu’s Pink Windmill’.

The tweet quickly gathered momentum, being shared more than 17,000 times within a week of being posted on 30 November and it wasn’t long before it caught the attention of staff in Lush’s Oxford Circus branch.

Proving the team’s enthusiasm knows no bounds they ramped the cheese factor up to 11 and produced their own dance extravaganza.

Debbie is a highlight...

Debbie may soon have an official fan club.

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