Maajid Nawaz On Why The Media Needs To Stop Being So Politically Correct

'It's incredibly dangerous not to address a subject because we fear it’s going to increase tension.'

The media has a duty to seek out alternative voices to showcase ways of living as a Muslim in Europe, Quilliam Foundation co-founder Maajid Nawaz has urged.

“Young people have been particularly affected by the culture around political correctness,” Nawaz told The Huffington Post UK. “And there is a way to have this conversation that remains responsible and sensitive.

“It’s difficult, it’s uncomfortable. I know it’s going to make some people feel under the spotlight and others are going to feel blamed or accused. But we will stumble our way through this if we have this conversation in a responsible way.”

Maajid Nawaz spoke to The Huffington Post UK whilst at the One Young World summit in Ottawa.

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