26/04/2017 12:44 BST

Madonna Throws Shade At Upcoming Biopic 'Blond Ambition'

She's branded producers 'charlatans' and 'fools'.

Madonna fans can add an upcoming biopic about the iconic singer to a list of things she’s thrown shade at (right beneath hydrangeas, Pepsi cola and Lady Gaga).

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter claimed that a new film named ‘Blond Ambition’, after her infamous tour of the same name, was in the works, focussing on Madonna’s early days in New York.

According to the entertainment news outlet, the biopic will centre around Madonna as she records her self-titled debut album, which spawned hits including ‘Lucky Star’, ‘Borderline’ and ‘Holiday’, depicting the trials and tribulations she faced during that stage of her life.

Madonna looking cooler than you in 1984

However, while a biopic might seem like a cause for ‘Celebration’ (you see what we did there?), it seems the Queen of Pop herself is actually less than thrilled at the prospect of her life story being adapted for the big screen.

Sharing a snap of herself in the 1980s on Instagram, she cryptically said: “Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen.

“Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool.”

She continued: “Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society.”

So, yeah, it’s safe to say this is something she isn’t be giving her blessing to.

Madonna spoke about the various hurdles she had to overcome in her New York days during a poignant speech at Billboard’s Women In Music event last year.

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Madonna in 2016
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