08/06/2017 14:44 BST

Move Over Zoella: This Woman's Feeding Tube Beauty Looks Are Set To Make Her The Next Big Influencer

Inspirational 🙌

An aspiring makeup artist, with a permanent feeding tube, creates inspirational beauty looks as she enjoys “feeling gorgeous”. 

Emily Jones, 22, only started posting her beauty looks to Instagram this March and she has already amassed a following of over 17,000. 

Jones has used a wheelchair since she was 17, due to a rare autoimmune disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (type 3), which causes her joints to dislocate. 

At 19, she started to require a feeding tube and in the same year she started to experiment with makeup. 

From bold rouge lips and glittery eyeshadows to glowing skin, the aspiring MUA regularly shares her inspirational beauty looks on her Instagram account: @beautybyemilylou_

“I create looks around my tube by leaving a little bit of a gap around the edges so the tape doesn’t come off or come loose,” Jones explained to Allure

“Makeup takes away the self-consciousness I feel because of my NG tube and makes me feel gorgeous.

“But the tube is a part of me, and I’m grateful for it and the nourishment it gives me when I can’t keep anything down myself.”

Here are a few of Emily’s makeup looks that are making us swoon: