22/05/2017 12:43 BST

This Makeup Artist Created An Incredible Mermaid Leg, And It's Both Gory And Beautiful

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... 🐠

A makeup artist created bloody mermaid-inspired scales on her leg, and the effect is insane. 

Channing Carlisle, used special effects makeup (SFX makeup) to make it look like her leg had been ripped open to reveal shimmery mermaid scales.  

From a colour-changing mermaid prom dress and mermaid tights to mermaid crowns, it seems like the fashion world loves all things shimmery and shiny just like the fantastical creature. 

But Carlisle’s creation takes the trend to another level. When she posted a photo of it on Twitter, social media users couldn’t get enough of it.  

“Got bored last night and turned myself into a mermaid.

“I’d rather be swimming with the fishes anyway,” Channing wrote. 

Many users have said they found it to be both incredible and a little bit disgusting.  

Carlisle also shared the snap on Instagram, noting she was inspired by fellow makeup artist Arianna Chaylene

“Shedding my skin and heading to the ocean. I’d rather be swimming with the fishes.

“Inspired by Arianna Chaylene,” she wrote on Thursday 18 May. 

Instagram users commented on the post in awe. 

“Oh my God, this looks amazing. I love the colour of the scales,” one wrote. 

“This is by far the best mermaid scale effect I have seen! Nailed it!,” another wrote.