Male And Female Orgasms: Which Is Better?

Men orgasm more frequently, but women's last longer. So who has it best?

Men and women both orgasm - but who experiences it best? That’s the question the team at ASAP Science set out to explore in their latest video.

The narrator explains that the female orgasm typically lasts a lot longer than the male version. In fact, a woman’s orgasm can last over 20 seconds, while a man’s orgasm will last between three and 10 seconds.

But it’s worth noting than men have more orgasms than women. In a study of heterosexual couples, men were found to have an orgasm during 95% of sexual encounters, while women only orgasmed 69% of the time.

The video also notes that orgasms might have less to do with gender and more to do with the type of sex you’re having.

A survey found that lesbians have 12% more orgasms than heterosexual females. Meanwhile straight men and gay men have roughly the same amount of orgasms.

This difference between gay and heterosexual women might be due to the duration of sexual encounters. Lesbian women’s sexual encounters are reported to be around 30-45 minutes, while heterosexual sex is likely to only have sex for between 15 and 30 minutes.

When it comes down to whose orgasm feels better, it turns out there’s very little distinguishable difference between the sexes.

In a study of college students, both sexes reported “explosive” and “euphoric” feelings, as well as a very physical “throbbing” sensation.

Regardless of gender, the brain stimulates blood flow to the genitals during an orgasm. Similarly heartbeat and breathing increases for both men and women.

Brain activity during an orgasm is also the same and both genders will also report feeling drowsy afterwards due to a surge in the sleep-inducing hormone prolactin.

Both genders can also experience multiple orgasms, however this is less common in men.

The video concludes that when it comes to orgasms, men and women are wired in similar ways.

Whether you have a great orgasm or not therefore comes down to an individual level, rather than gender, as a person’s physiology, anatomy and psychology play a huge role.

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