09/01/2017 11:27 GMT | Updated 09/01/2017 13:23 GMT

Man Has Perfect Response To Receiving Unsolicited D*ck Pic From Stranger

That showed him.

A guy has given us a lesson in how to respond to unsolicited dick pics after he played a prank on stranger.

The man, known only as Imgur user @Syntax198, received a penis photo from a stranger in Texas. Instead of getting angry at the sender, the Imgur user got even.

“I’m a straight man, so when I receive a dick pic, I pretend to be a doctor and see if I can prank the sender,” he explained.

“Usually it doesn’t work, but every now and then I get a laugh out of it.”

The Imgur user pretended to be a London-based urologist - an expert in surgery of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. 

“I noticed you have some abrasions on the top of the penis, probably caused by over masturbation without adequate lubricant,” he told the sender.

“But what concerns me is the cancerous mole on your testicle and the yeast infection at the top of your penis.”

The other man was clearly spooked, asking if he could buy medication online for his supposed conditions. 

The cheeky Imgur user advised the man to visit a doctor as soon as possible, then added that in the meantime, rubbing self-raising flour mixed with water onto the infected area should help.

The picture sender appeared to fall for the trick, saying: “Damn that stuff really stuck to my pubes, I had to shower to get it all out.” 

Let’s hope it taught him a lesson.