This Man Was Sent Home From Work For Wearing Shorts, So He Returned Wearing A Pink Dress

Touché 💁

Joey Barge was sent home from work for breaking the dress code by wearing shorts, so he returned wearing a pink dress instead.

Barge, a call centre worker from Buckinghamshire, turned up to work on Monday 19 June wearing a pair of tailored navy blue shorts and he says he was swiftly told to go home and change.

Opting to wear shorts due to the current hot weather, the 20-year-old deemed the dress code to be rather sexist.

Taking to Twitter, Barge wrote:

“If women can wear skirts/dresses at work, can I wear smart shorts like so?”

Barge then decided to protest his company’s dress code while also keeping cool, by wearing a pink dress instead.

Social media users backed Barge by tweeting their agreement at the unfair dress code.

Rather than being sent home, Barge was met with an email stating that ‘3/4 shorts’ would now be acceptable in the office due to the ‘extremely warm temperatures’ - but they must be ‘black, navy or beige’.

And social media users congratulated him:

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