Guy Vomits While Proposing To Girlfriend In Plane

That's one unfortunate case of motion sickness 😷

A marriage proposal took a turn for the unexpected when the husband-to-be was overcome by motion sickness.

Darrell Hamilton booked a romantic plane ride to propose to his girlfriend Rheanna Faye while overlooking Reedley, California.

But once in the air, Hamilton soon began to look worse for wear.

Feeling unwell, he quickly pulled out the ring and asked Faye: “will you marry me?” But almost immediately after the words came out of his mouth, he bent forward and vomited between his legs.

Understandably, Faye was a little stunned by the whole thing and set about comforting Hamilton, ignoring the ring entirely.

She later said she would marry him, although the pair chose not to seal their engagement with a kiss until they were back on land (and presumably Hamilton had located a toothbrush).

At least he knows Faye is ready to stick by his side in sickness and in health.

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