Man's Tinder Date Goes Pear-Shaped After He's Lured Somewhere Unexpected

Well this is weird.

A man has revealed his worst Tinder date ever - and it's side-splittingly funny.

Scott had been chatting to a woman on Tinder and they agreed to go for a drink.

Much to his delight, they really hit it off and it wasn't long before she'd invited him back to her flat where there was "some kind of party going on".

Back at her apartment, there were a lot of people mooching around who didn't seem to know one another.

Initially, Scott thought his date was into orgies and that something seriously sexual was about to kick off.

But that was actually far from the case.

It turns out Scott had unwittingly been lured to a business pitch for joining a VIP travel club. But the company had used Tinder to bring in their unsuspecting prey.

"It was a pyramid scheme," he wrote in a text message to his pal. "They used Tinder to try and lure people into a pyramid scheme."

He added that he left pretty quickly after that.

The story has been shared on Imgur by Scott's former housemate, who posted a screenshot of their text message exchange.

Unsurprisingly, Scott's awful - albeit seriously hilarious - Tinder date has been viewed more than 150,000 times.

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