Maria Fowler Praised For Keeping Daughter's Face Private By Blurring It On Instagram Photo

'I like that you haven’t plastered your daughter’s face over social media.'

Maria Fowler has been praised by other mums for keeping her baby’s face private on social media.

The 30-year-old former TOWIE star, who gave birth to her first child Evie with her boyfriend Kelvin Batey in September, chose to distort her daughter’s face in the latest photo.

“Today we had a lovely time celebrating Evie’s mini one month birthday getting Evie’s clay print hand and footprints,” she wrote on Instagram.

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One mother commented: “Great decision on not showing your bubba face @mariafowler_! So many nasty people out there and why should you share your precious bundle? But I’m sure she’s gorgeous!”

Another person commented on the photo: “I like that you haven’t plastered your daughter’s face over social media. She deserves some privacy.”

This isn’t the first time Fowler has distorted Evie’s photo. She shared a snap cuddling her daughter on Sunday 23 October and blurred one side of her face.

A photo posted by Maria fowler (@mariafowler_) on

On other occasions, she has covered Evie’s face with a bottle.

A photo posted by Maria fowler (@mariafowler_) on

Shortly after her daughter’s birth, Fowler explained to her fans on Twitter why she had decided not to show a picture of Evie’s face.

“She is the most precious thing in our life and we are unsure as to whether we want to expose her images to the nutters and scumbags that seem to crawl out the woodwork on comments sections,” Fowler tweeted.

“She is innocent, tiny and vulnerable and we want to enjoy her to ourselves, before we decide whether to share our precious photos online.

“But I can tell you all she is the most beautiful, perfect little girl in the whole world and her safety and happiness is our priority.”

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