16/05/2014 18:43 BST | Updated 07/12/2017 03:18 GMT

Pregnant Woman Not Lovin' Her McMarijuana Burger

A pregnant woman and her boyfriend claim they found an extra ingredient in their McDonald's burgers -- marijuana.

Brittany Songer's unhappy meal began on April 26, when she went to a McDonald's restaurant in Ottumwa, Iowa, with her fiance, Cory Long, and her 2-year-old son.

The couple ordered two McDoubles and were sharing one of them when they noticed that it didn't taste like the typical Mickey D's product.

"It tasted bad, and I thought maybe it was because he had cologne on his hands when he bit it. Then I opened the burger and the cheese was just covered with weed,” Songer, 23, told the Ottumwa Evening Post. “Once I opened those burgers, you couldn’t smell McDonald’s anymore. You could only smell the illegal drugs that were on it.”

The couple reported the alleged "McDoobies" to the Ottumwa Police Dept.

Lt. Jason Bell told the Des Moines Register that the green substance on the burger "appears to be consistent with marijuana."

He is sending the substance to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation for testing, a process that could take two months.

If the tests confirm this burger's special sauce to be illegal, the person responsible could be charged with administering a harmful substance, a Class D felony, the Ottumwa Evening Post reports.

“It appeared to be something that may have been intentionally placed on the burger and by who is part of the investigation. We are trying to determine who actually put it on there,” Bell said, according to

While investigating the case, Ottumwa police allegedly found drug paraphernalia on at least one McDonald's employee, but no arrests have been made, KCCI-TV reports.

The department has also gathered surveillance footage from the McDonald's.

Meanwhile, the experience has been a bummer for Songer, who worries about the possible effects the bud burger may have had on her unborn child.

“I have a very, very tiny fetus growing inside me right now and I don’t know if that harmed it at all. It’s a very scary thought,” she told the Ottumwa Evening Post.

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