28/07/2016 12:48 BST

Marina Joyce Fans Replace Concern With Anger After Vlogger Reveals She Is Safe

Well that escalated quickly.

Hundreds of people have turned their concerns for a teenage fashion vlogger to be boycotted into anger after it was revealed that she was not kidnapped by terrorists.

Marina Joyce’s fans became convinced the north London YouTube star was in danger after she tweeted a link to her July 22 video.

Viewers became concerned after watching the video and were convinced Joyce was trying to relay a secret message that she needed help.

Police were inundated with calls about the 19-year-old’s safety, with officers turning up at her family home at 3am.

Joyce finally confirmed to fans that she was ok, but this was not enough for some who claimed she had “acted like she was in danger”.

Joyce has since spoken out about what the #savemarinajoyce social media campaign has done for her following.

She said: “It is incredible what people have done. They have helped my channel so much now.”

Her comments sparked an alternative Twitter trend - #BoycottMarinaJoyce.

Joyce’s mother, Cheryl, has attempted to quash rumours that her daughter was ever in danger.

Some fans became concerned after claiming Joyce could be heard whispering “help me” in one part of the clip.

But her mother, who was holding the camera for her daughter, said that it was her voice in the video.

Many people are now lambasting those who want to #BoycottMarinaJoyce.

Some have pointed out the frivolous nature of social media and how quickly people’s attitudes can change within a day on the networking site.

Others have highlighted that people appear to be angry because Joyce was not in danger. 

While others have said that Joyce was never the one who “blew it out of proportion”.

In an interview with The Sun Online, Joyce said the accusation that she had organised the frenzy as some sort of publicity stunt was “rubbish”.

“I’m not paying attention to the angry things,” she said. “I’m focusing on the positive.

“I have a lot more viewers, which is incredible for me, and I’m pleased to have more subscribers to my Youtube channel.”