Couple's Astounding Weight Loss Transformation Sees Them Lose Collective 3ft From Their Waistlines

'Our family life, and our love life, has improved no end.'

A couple have shed a combined 15 stone and 3ft from their waistlines, after one of them was banned from driving because they fell asleep at the wheel.

Mark Hannigan, 41, suffered from sleep apnea when he weighed 21 stone and found himself dropping off behind the wheel at least once a day.

The DVLA revoked his licence after he had a coughing fit and crashed into a lamp post.

Mark, a commercial gas engineer, was told he would not get it back until his BMI dropped from a dangerously high 43 rating to 30.

His wife Louise, 42, weighed 15 stone and wore size 22 clothes, despite being only 5ft 5in tall.

The pair have since kicked their junk food habits in favour of a healthier lifestyle and have lost an incredible amount of weight in just seven months.

They can now both fit into Louise’s wedding dress - at the same time.

Mark and Louise Hannigan prior to their weight loss.
Mark and Louise Hannigan prior to their weight loss.

The couple are celebrating their second wedding anniversary by being crowned the Cambridge Weight Plan’s slimming couple of the year.

They used to spend £300 on food every week - most of it takeaways and convenience junk food.

Each day, Mark would have a bacon sandwich and McDonald’s on his way to work and would gorge on chocolate, crisps and energy drinks.

He said: “We always used to buy a healthy food shop every week from the supermarket but most of that would get thrown away. We were kidding ourselves with the healthy food shop.

“We got takeaways all weekend and ate crap the rest of the week. We didn’t realise we were killing ourselves.

“The amount of money we’ve saved from spending on junk food is worth two motorbikes - and I would know because I’ve checked.

“When we started getting noticeable results, we hadn’t seen our family in months and we thought we’d hold it off until we’d reached our goal.

“My mum didn’t recognise me when we showed up at her door. We looked like completely different people. She was in shock, she just couldn’t believe it.”

Mark’s weight dropped from 21st 6lbs to 12st 6lbs while Louise dropped from 15st 2lbs to 9st. She now wears size 8 clothes while her husband has shaved 2ft off his waistline.

Now they’ve had to spend thousands of pounds on a brand new wardrobe.

Mark and Louise Hannigan following their combined weight loss of 15 stone.
Mark and Louise Hannigan following their combined weight loss of 15 stone.

Mark said that initially, his motivation for dieting was getting his licence, but he quickly realised how much his life was improving.

“I was starting to completely change my life and become a better husband and stepdad to my sons,” he said.

“Apart from the obvious physical differences, the boost in my fitness and confidence and the mental differences have been phenomenal.

“My wife says I’m not grumpy anymore and I’ve definitely noticed that too.

“Our family life, and our love life, has improved no end. On top of that, I’ve got my driving licence back.

“I no longer live half a life but now have a very fulfilling and rewarding life. Reaching goal wasn’t the end for us it’s the beginning of a whole new life.

The couple, from Peebles in the Scottish borders, are now offering one-on-one consultations at a weight loss centre they run in Edinburgh and their home town.

Mark had his driving licence revoked in December of 2014 and got it back in July 2015 - and the photograph used is still an old one.

Since losing weight he no longer has sleep apnea or Type 2 diabetes.

Mum-of-two Louise, who has two children from previous relationships and was formerly a school dinner lady, said: “All my life I have been an emotional eater. I ate when I was happy or sad. I have been overweight as far back as I can remember and I was a size 18 when I was 18.

“I love to bake and cook. Whenever my family liked a recipe I’d cook it until they were sick of it - homemade cheesecakes, cupcakes, double sized portions of lasagne - I was a feeder.

“We just want to make a difference to people around us. There will be so many people thinking, like we once did, that it is too hard and they won’t ever succeed - but we are proof that they can, and with our help they will.”

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