26/07/2017 16:08 BST | Updated 27/07/2017 09:06 BST

Married Mum Perfectly Explains Why 'Feeling Like A Single Mum' Is Not The Same As Being One

'You're doing an amazing job.'

A mum has shared her admiration for single parents, explaining that when coupled up people think they are struggling, they should spare a thought for the actual one-parent families out there.

Jennifer Weedon Palazzo took to the internet to give single mummas the credit they deserve because: “holy shit, you are doing an amazing job”. 

And she encouraged married women to stop comparing their situations to solo parenthood.

The mother-of-two starts by explaining that although she is married, she can often feel like she is raising her babies alone.

This is because her husband Evan travels a lot for his work, so she is often left in charge without him.

In fact, he is away so frequently, that she regularly loses track of which country he is visiting next.

But, in the video which Weedon Palazzo shared to the ‘Mom Cave TV’ Facebook channel, she wanted to highlight the difference between ‘feeling’ like you’re doing it alone and ‘actually’ doing it alone.

She said: “I’ve heard other married women in my situation say they feel, ‘just like a single mum.’ And while I get a feeling like you are doing it all on your own, feeling like you are doing it on your own is not the same as actually doing it on your own.”

The blogger explained that the main difference between the two situations is having someone to support you even when you are separated by geography.

She said: “I know that I’m lucky because while I’m home amidst all the chaos, there is somebody else out there who is working hard to support us, and is a responsible party in this whole responsible parenting thing.”

Weedon Palazzo also values having another adult to talk things through with when parenting is getting tough (which we all know it does from time to time). 

She also gives a special shoutout to parents who chose to do this alone - “that is brave” - and to those who thought that they had someone at the start of the journey and now they don’t: “I’m so so sorry”.

In lieu of having a partner to share the burden, the mother offers her own company and aid to any mum in need of help, she added: “If you need me to hold your baby so you can take a shit, so be it.”

Mums unite.