Miracle As Woman Who Was Blind For 21 Years Has Vision Restored After Unrelated Spine Surgery

She's also no longer colour blind.

A woman who was legally blind for 21 years has regained her vision, after waking up from having surgery on her spine.

Mary Ann Franco, from Florida, was blinded after she was involved in a car accident back in 1995.

More than two decades later she fell down in her home and was left with severe neck and arm pain.

She was told by doctors that she would need surgery on her spine to help alleviate the pain.

But little did she know that the operation would change her life completely.

Franco told WPBF TV that when she woke up from surgery, the first thing she said was: "Lady, you with all that purple on you, come over, give me something for the pain."

She recalled: "And my niece says, 'What did you say, Mary?'."

For the first time since the accident, Franco's world was full of light and colour.

Doctors said they have never witnessed anything like it, but they have a theory as to why her vision returned.

Neurosurgeon John Afshar, who conducted the surgery, said her loss of sight could've been due to a kinked artery caused by the car accident 21 years ago.

"When we performed the surgery itself, we unknowingly probably unkinked that vessel reestablishing blood flow and, therefore, she could have regained her vision," he added.

Franco also claims she is no longer colour blind, which she was before her accident.

One of the things she was most excited about after her vision returned was seeing her family.

Remarking on a picture of her daughter, she said: "This is my daughter? Oh my God! Isn't she beautiful."

And she didn't have to rely on pictures for long, as her daughter soon paid a visit in person.

We love a happy ending.

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