‘MasterChef’ Serves Up A Gregg Wallace Lookalike… But Viewers Are Unimpressed With His Culinary Skills

Ooooh it's like looking in the mirror.

MasterChef’ host Gregg Wallace was left seeing double during a recent episode of the BBC food competition when he came face-to-face with his doppelganger.

In fact, contestant Andy was such a dead ringer for the presenter, that even Gregg couldn’t help but mention it.

During Wednesday night's show, Andy told him: “It’s weird that you should say that, I was in a restaurant once and my boy said, ‘Daddy, you’re on the wall!' I turned round and it was a picture of you.”

<strong>Spot the difference: Andy (left) and Gregg (right, we think).</strong>
Spot the difference: Andy (left) and Gregg (right, we think).

However, despite looking like the 51-year-old judge, the similarities ended there as Andy struggled to cope with the invention round on the show.

After choosing to whip up a dish from a plate of assorted mushrooms, Andy declared it was ‘the hardest thing’ he’d done in his life.

“It’s going to be a kind of a stuffed mushroom with... more mushrooms," he explained.

Cue a rather unimpressed Twitter…

Funnily enough, Andy’s mushroom dish didn’t cut it with his lookeylikey or his partner in crime John Torode, who gave him the boot.

After the results were announced, Andy said: “I tried my best but I was up against some tough competition. It’s something I’ll never regret, something I’ll never forget.”

'MasterChef' continues on BBC One tomorrow night at 8pm.

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Celebrity Lookalikes