14/02/2019 16:10 GMT

MasterChef Contestant Horrifies Judges By Serving Up Raw Chicken


If you’re going to enter MasterChef, the one thing you have to absolutely make sure you can do is cook meat properly. 

However, clearly one contestant from Wednesday night’s show did not get that memo. 

Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace were left horrified after cook Ottilie presented them with her dish of chicken thighs with a sweet potato, white bean, and chorizo stew, saffron rice, and asparagus with smoked garlic butter. 


While on paper, that all sounded pretty tasty, they were forced to give it a wide berth after cutting into said chicken thighs. 

“I can’t eat that,” John said as he stuck a knife into the meat, which revealed it was still raw. 


Gregg was also turned off at the fact Ottilie hadn’t even managed to brown the outer skin of the chicken. 

He remarked: “Sweet potatoes into the stew is a new one on me, but I like it because it’s completely broken down and giving more sweetness to a sweet potato stew.

“But as you can clearly see, not only is the chicken skin not cooked but the chicken itself is not cooked.”


Ottilie’s error sealed her fate somewhat and she quickly found herself eliminated. 

But while it was a pretty unforgivable gaffe, it still doesn’t beat our all-time favourite MasterChef mess-up. 

That title still belongs to 2016 contestant Mark, who made a right dog’s dinner of serving up a peanut butter cookie

And when we say ‘dog’s dinner’, what’s probably more accurate to say is a ‘dog poo biscuit’.



MasterChef continues on Friday at 9pm on BBC One.