18/05/2017 10:20 BST | Updated 19/05/2017 11:27 BST

Petite Circle Sum Maths Question For Five- To Seven-Year-Olds Is Completely Baffling Adults

No one can agree on the answer

A maths question aimed at children aged five to seven is confusing adults as no one can seem to figure out the answer.

Twitter user mmatigari shared an image of the question that required kids to study the pattern and fill in the missing numbers - and all for four measly marks.

“Apparently, this math question appeared in an exam for grade ones in Singapore,” he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday 16 May.

“Let’s see who can solve it.”

Unfortunately, adults can’t seem to agree on the answer. 

Some adults believe that there’s actually a typo in the question and the number two on the bottom row should be 20.

Yet others seemed to complete the puzzle, but with different answers.


And others were just completely baffled.

The number pattern is called a petite circle sum, where the number within the four sectors of the outer circle is equal to the sum of the three numbers in the circles touching that sector. 

The numbers in the individual circles can only be one to nine and each number can be used only once. 

There’s an explanation on how to do it here - any guesses?

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