24/02/2017 01:44 GMT | Updated 24/02/2017 08:39 GMT

Matt Hancock, A Conservative Minister, Fails To Name The Tory Candidate In Stoke


On any election night, those hours between the polls closing and the result being revealed are difficult for broadcasters to fill. What they crave is a talking point.

Sep forward Matt Hancock.

The Tory culture minister was invited on to the BBC’s This Week to discuss his party’s chances of success in the Stoke Central and Copeland by-elections.

And that elusive election night moment of TV magic emerged when Hancock failed to name the Conservative candidate in Stoke when quizzed by presenter Andrew Neil.

Asked if the Tories were trying hard, he said: “I think as a party yes. I went to Copeland, I didn’t go to Stoke.”

Asked to name the candidate, he said: “I didn’t meet him because I didn’t go ... Phil Broughton?”

He’s from Ukip. No, it’s Jack Brereton.