27/09/2021 15:25 BST

Matt Hancock Deletes His Cringeworthy Accidental Partridge Video

The former health secretary's "comeback" video has disappeared from his page.

Matt Hancock has deleted his latest video from his Twitter account just days after uploading it.

The 50-second clip recorded Tory backbencher Hancock meeting and greeting his constituents in Haverhill in a rather awkward manner, as he asks them how they are.

Many heaped praise upon him and expressed their delight at seeing him again.

But as he tried to fist-bump, small talk and befriend the local people in the video, the internet quickly compared him to Steve Coogan’s fictional satire character, Alan Partridge.

The famous right-wing character is known for creating a comedic idea of what not to do in broadcasting through embarrassing gaffes and a lack of social skills.

When someone famous makes a similarly public blunder, it’s called an ‘Accidental Partridge’ – a phrase which filled the comments section under Hancock’s video.

It’s not entirely clear why the former health secretary removed it as he uploaded it only on Saturday, but don’t worry – it has since been replicated and remains on YouTube.

The video was even described by The Spectator as Hancock’s “comeback”, as the former minister resigned back in June.

He was caught on camera kissing his aide, a move which breached the very social distancing guidelines he had introduced at the start of the Covid pandemic.

The furore that followed saw Hancock step down, and his marriage is believed to have collapsed.

He then withdrew from the spotlight.

There have been ongoing rumours ever since that he plans to return to cabinet in one form or another, and there was speculation he was going to get a ministerial role during prime minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle.

However, aside from a speech in the Commons where he praised the government three weeks ago, and the now-deleted accidental Partridge video, Hancock has kept a very low profile.

HuffPost UK has reached out to Hancock’s office for comment.