28/01/2018 22:01 GMT

'McMafia' Episode 6 Review: 10 Questions It Left Us Asking

Benes, how could you?!


Alex Godman’s worst fears were realised as ‘McMafia’ continued on Sunday (28 January) night, as it became abundantly clear Vadim was onto him. 

As the slick BBC drama neared ever closer to its final chapter, Alex found his family under threat from the Russian mobster, who had found out he and Semiyon Kleiman were behind his recent business failings. 

As Alex scrambled to desperately protect his nearest and dearest, including staging a break up with a heartbroken Rebecca, a shocking betrayal had devastating consequences. 

Here’s the questions we were left asking this week...  

Is there more than meets the eye to Alex’s security team?

After Alex hired a team of bodyguards to protect his family from Vadim, there appeared to be a moment where all was not what it seemed with them.

During Oksana and Jennifer’s shopping trip, Marius Jensen, who is working for Vadim to take the Godman family down, appeared, and there was an odd exchange of looks between him and Jennifer. Could this reveal they somehow know each other? 

However, Marius was later seen telling Vadim Alex’s security team were armed,  leaving us totally confused and wondering if we were overthinking things...


Will Masha accept Alex and Katya’s offer?

Despite previously saying she planned to abort of Dimitri’s baby, Masha has since decided to keep it, prompting Alex and Katya to offer to pay her to never reveal her secret.

Will she take them up on their £20,000 a month pledge, or will she decide to blow the Godman family apart with her baby bombshell?

How did Benes know there was a swimming pool in Rebecca’s apartment block?

During their meeting in the Czech restaurant, Alex made a shocking discovery when Benes inadvertently revealed a detail about Rebecca’s new apartment that Alex had told him nothing about.

While Benes later claimed to have given Vadim information on Alex and his family to protect his daughter, it didn’t really explain how he’d come to know so much about Rebecca’s living arrangements in the first place. 

What exactly has Benes disclosed about Alex and his family?

We knew Vadim had Benes’s name weeks ago and wondered why he was taking his sweet time to do something about it, but it could be that this happened off screen last week. 

We reckon Benes was the one who revealed Alex’s connection to Semiyon prompting their ‘chance’ meeting in the airport last week. 


Have Marius Jensen and his team gone rogue?

Earlier in the episode, we were led to believe Vadim had ordered the first attack to be on Oksana, but it was actually Rebecca who ended up getting shot by her ‘French neighbour’.

We were led to believe she had connections to Marius, given her baby (who obviously, isn’t actually hers) was bundled in the back of a taxi with him and his associates. But given that they have broken away from what we thought were Vadim’s wishes, are they carrying their own mission out against the Godman family? If so, what is it, and could Benes be involved?

When did Rebecca find out she was pregnant?

Before being shot, Rebecca revealed to her attacker that she was pregnant, but just how long had she known? And was she planning to tell Alex in the wake of their break up? 


Who did the French woman’s baby really belong to?

We’re guessing she probably wasn’t the tot’s mother. 

Will Rebecca survive?

The closing moments of the show saw Rebecca being rushed to hospital after being shot, but will she go on to become the first casualty of Alex’s plan?

What happened to Oksana?

Things looked pretty bleak for Alex’s mum when Vadim ordered her death earlier in the episode, and after two suspicious looking men were seen hanging around her yoga changing room, she appeared to be a goner. 

However, her body guard found her alive and coming out of the shower, but did something happen next that we haven’t yet seen?


Will Josef and Lydmilla get together?

Tonight’s episode saw the pair finally share a kiss (albeit somewhat a passionless one), as he vowed to help free her from Semiyon’s capture, but will anything more blossom between the pair?

‘McMafia’ continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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