14 Reasons To Embrace The Brilliance Of JOMO

Because staying in is the new out.

For so long FOMO (fear of missing out) played havoc with our wallets, our expectations, our intestines and our sleep patterns. So hallelujah it’s finally become acceptable to openly declare for JOMO - the joy of missing out - (a bandwagon we jumped on back in 2014, thangyouverymuch).

While you might not have heard of it, you have definitely experienced it: the joy of missing out on some shit party that will end in a doner kebab.

Here are 14 reasons to totally embrace the brilliance of JOMO.

1. Saying yes to everything is bloody exhausting.

2. Not to mention, bankrupting us all.

3. Only saying yes to plans you actually want to partake in means that you enjoy those plans so much more.

4. Parties are generally terrible after the age of 18.

5. Netflix and every other streaming service means you can be entertained without putting your coat on.

6. You’re more likely to get eight hours sleep, which obviously makes you more beautiful, amicable and better at your job.

7. You will eat less kebabs, which is good for so many reasons we don’t need to specify.

8. You don’t get The Fear of who you may or may not have taken home after the Friday night pub crawl.

9. You can spend more of your money on Hygge-ing the shit out of your home.

10. And you’re more likely to own your own home because you didn’t spend all your deposit on £10 Jaeger bombs.

11. You don’t have to invent excuses for cancelling on plans you never intended on seeing through.

12. You don’t have to break up any drunk fights between your friends.

13. Or make small talk with people you hate.

14. Because unlike *insert name of rancid club here* you are guaranteed a good time. Solo time, baby.