27/11/2017 13:50 GMT | Updated 27/11/2017 15:45 GMT

You’ve Seen Meghan Markle In ‘Suits’, But Did You Spot Her In ‘Horrible Bosses’ Or On 'Deal Or No Deal'?

Four words: Made for TV movies.

Before falling for Prince Harry’s charms (and accepting his proposal), Meghan Markle was just another actress trying to make a name for herself.

Prior to hitting pay dirt playing lawyer Rachel Zane on the US drama ‘Suits’, Meghan had more than her fair share of blink-and-you’ll-miss-her bit-parts.

OK, so the vast majority of her roles would have passed British audiences by unless you’ve got a thing for made-for-TV Hallmark movies (no judgement here), or the US version of ‘Deal Or No Deal’.

But whilst most people were focusing on Jennifer Aniston’s turn as a sex-mad dentist in the 2011 big screen hit ‘Horrible Bosses’, they probably didn’t realise it was Meghan who played the the FedEx delivery girl who was hit on by Jason Sudeikis’s character Kurt.

Alas, it looks like she’ll now be retiring from the acting world, with the seventh series of ‘Suits’ rumoured to be her swansong ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry next year. So what better time to cast a collective eye over some of the highlights on her CV?

‘Horrible Bosses’ (2011)

If you’ve seen Meghan in anything other than ‘Suits’, then it’s probably in this big screen comedy. Having said that, most of us will remember the scene she was in, but wouldn’t have realised it was actually her seeing as she hadn’t even met Prince Harry when the film was released in 2011.

‘Deal Or No Deal’ (2006)

The US version of the now defunct Noel Edmunds-fronted gameshow was a little different to the Channel 4 version. Instead of the future contestants opening the boxes, there were 26 briefcases, each one carried by a ‘hostess’ - one of which was a 25-year-old Meghan. She later distanced herself from this job, insisting she took it on “to make ends meet”.

‘When Sparks Fly’ (2014)

Fans of the Hallmark channel might have chanced upon this love-by-numbers TV movie, which saw Meghan in the lead role of journalist Amy who leaves her small hometown for the bright lights of Chicago, only to return to the arms of her highschool sweetheart. Cheesy doesn’t even come close.

‘Dater’s Handbook’ (2016)

Another made-for-TV movie for the Hallmark channel. This one saw saw Meghan in the lead role of businesswoman Cass, who uses a dating manual in a bid to find love. We’re guessing she didn’t use the same approach with Harry.

‘Antisocial’ (2015)

It wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch for Meghan to play a fashion model in this low-budget Brit flick, about a spate of jewellery heists. It sank without trace upon its release, after getting a mauling from critics.

‘A Lot Like Love’ (2005)

Not even Ashton Kutcher could save this romcom from flopping big at the box office. Meghan gets a whole 31 seconds of screen time, but still only gets a credit of ‘hot girl’. Ouch.

‘The War At Home’ (2006)

This short-lived American TV comedy lasted for two series, and Meghan popped up in an episode called ‘The Seventeenth Year Itch’, playing Susan, a sales rep, who one of the lead characters falls for.

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