14/11/2018 10:55 GMT

Mel B Slams 'Dangerous' And 'Sick' Person Who 'Deliberately' Slashed Her Tyres

"Soooo frightening on a different level."

Mel B has hit out at the “dangerous” and “sick” person she has accused of slashing her tyres in a photo she posted on her Instagram page.

Sharing a picture of the damage, she fumed: “Just when things are going sooo well, my car gets deliberately slashed, what dangerous sick person would do that to a mother who uses her car to drive her kids to school and back?”

Adding the hashtags #StopAbuse, #StopBullying and, cryptically, #Stop #Monster #Karma, she continued: “When I took off my tyre to change it just now to my shock horror there were exactly 33 small knife slashes and 2 huge knife slashes all on the inside… soooo frightening on a different [level], me and my kids are safe thank god.”

As she notes in the caption, tyre-slashing aside, things are going well for Mel B, having reunited with her Spice Girls bandmates, who broke Ticketmaster records when tickets for their upcoming UK tour went on sale last week.

Since the dates were first announced, the band has added multiple additional dates, with Mel repeatedly hinting that if she gets her way, the group will be heading abroad as part of the tour later down the line.

Spice Girls
The newly-reunited Spice Girls

On a personal level, Mel recently spoke about how the reunion was helping her through her difficult divorce from ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

She told Jonathan Ross: “I’ve got my girls, I’ll be okay. I feel very loved and very supported and I feel very lucky to be back in contact the way that I have always wanted to be, because for a long time I couldn’t be during my… marriage. Thank you ladies!”

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