Musician Slams Facebook For Removing Post About Period Pain Labelling It A 'Disgusting Hit Of Oppression'

'I’m dumbfounded that a NORMAL BODILY FUNCTION is 'inappropriate'?!'

A musician has been left “dumbfounded” and “insulted” after Facebook removed a status she had posted about period pain.

Melody Pool, from Melbourne, Australia, said Facebook deemed her post “inappropriate” so they removed it and suspended her account for 24 hours.

Pool said she was “furious” about being suspended from Facebook simply “for being a woman with a menstrual cycle”.

She labelled the action a “disgusting hit of oppression”.

A spokesperson for Facebook has since apologised for removing the post. They said they “made a mistake” and have since reinstated the content

According to the Mail Online, Pool’s Facebook status was about how much discomfort she was feeling and her need for codeine to numb the pain.

But it was deemed “inappropriate” by the social media site.

After being suspended from Facebook, Pool took to Twitter to complain about the ordeal.

She wrote: “I am so furious that I got suspended for 24hrs from @facebook for being a woman with a menstrual cycle.

“I’m dumbfounded that a NORMAL BODILY FUNCTION is “inappropriate”?! Are you kidding me @facebook?”

She then went on to explain that she couldn’t even message anyone at Facebook to complain about her status being removed.

Pool concluded her rant: “Revolting form @facebook I am really mad and insulted that you consider being a woman ‘inappropriate’.”

After The Huffington Post UK reached out to Facebook about the removal of Pool’s post, a spokesperson said they had “made a mistake” and have since reinstated her status.

They said: “Facebook is a place for people to share the things that matter to them. In this instance we made a mistake and have reinstated the content.

“We have apologised for any inconvenience that this caused.”