Casual Sex Can Make Men And Women Both Unhappy, But It's Usually For Different Reasons

How Men And Women Differ In Their Feelings Towards Casual Sex

Sex is meant to be fun, but recent research has highlighted that the casual kind isn’t for everyone.

The international study of heterosexual people found that casual sex can cause both men and women to experience negative emotions, but for different reasons.

While the average woman wants to feel closeness after sex, the average man wants to create space between himself and his partner.

This contrast between heterosexual pairs can cause both parties to feel regret about the sexual encounter.

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Researchers from Brazil, Norway and North America asked participants under the age of 30 about their experiences of casual sex in order to draw their conclusions.

They found that women were more likely to desire closeness after sex than men and also felt more rejected after a short-term relationship ended.

The scientists suggested this may be because biologically, women are programmed to want men to say to protect their baby, should they become pregnant.

In contrast, they found men wanted to leave their partners more abruptly and were likely to feel less rejected if a one night stand didn’t develop any further.

In evolutionary terms, they linked this to the idea that it’s more beneficial for men to produce offspring multiple times to increase their chances of survival.

“The sexual act itself can reinforce the ties between the parties if the right hormones are triggered,” co-author Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair explained, according to the MailOnline.

“But for the partner who gains the most from moving on to other potential short-term partners, it more often triggers a feeling of distance instead.”

Of course, not everyone has a negative experience after engaging in casual sex.

Blogging on the topic of one night stands on The Huffington Post, author Max DuBowy said: “Hooking up can offer exciting experiences with interesting partners who can bring out the best in you.

“Happiness is always available regardless of whether or not you hook up with new partners consistently or inconsistently.

“It’s all a matter of your ability to love yourself for who you are today in the midst of rejection, ambiguity and the relentless game of trying to find love in the vast sea of hookup culture.”

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