'Hope Street': The Mental Illness Greetings Cards Offering Support To Those Who Need It Most

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Any form of mental illness is, just that - an illness. Yet it’s not something you’d necessarily buy a typical ‘Get Well Soon’ card for.

That’s not to say, however, that people with mental health problems want you to avoid telling them you’re thinking of them in their time of need.

This is precisely why two sisters in Australia have launched a company specialising in cards for people with mental health problems - whether that’s anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder.

The cards “provide an avenue for loved ones to express their support, love and concern in an appropriate, empathetic and hopeful way”.

Hope Street Cards

‘Hope Street’ online card shop came about after Sam, the company’s co-founder, wanted to send a card to her friend’s son who had attempted to take his life.

She didn’t know how to show her support or show that they were thinking of him as there were no cards available that could convey this.

Shortly after, Sam, who is a psychologist, was hospitalised in a private psychiatric ward with mental health issues.

While she was staying there, she realised that hardly anyone on the ward had received cards or flowers. The lack of support mental health patients received was heartbreaking.

So, with the help of her sister Trudy, she launched a shop specialising in cards for people suffering from mental health issues.

“Each of the cards created is supportive and appropriate to inspire hope and encourage recovery from mental illness,” reads the website.

Sam comes up wth the messages for the cards, while Trudy, a graphic designer, makes them look pretty.

Each card comes with a special pamphlet suggesting how to help and support a person with mental illness.

Currently the cards focus on anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, but the sisters are looking to extend it to cover suicide bereavement and post-natal anxiety and depression.

Here are some of their designs:

Hope Street
Hope Street
Hope Street
Hope Street
Hope Street
Hope Street
Hope Street
Hope Street

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